Sephora Spring 2022 Haul
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A Big Spring Sephora Rouge Haul

The 2022 Sephora Spring Savings Event has come to an end, and I have quite a haul to share with you. I considered filming a YouTube video going through my haul as I’ve done in the past. But I have to be in the right mood to do that, and lately I just haven’t been in the mood to film a video. I know all four of you who watch my very sporadic videos will be super disappointed.  😛

Behold…my full 2022 spring haul:

Sephora Spring 2022 Haul

The Makeup

Yeah…I bought a lot of stuff this time around, so I’ll break it down by category. Below you can take a look at the the makeup that I ended up purchasing. The Dior lipstick was sold out online, but fortunately I found it in my local Sephora! I had wanted to get the Danessa Myricks eyeliner in a different shade but that was also sold out online and my store doesn’t carry the brand.

Spring Rouge Makeup Haul

The Skin Care

The large Supergoop! SPF is for John, but everything else is for me. I’m especially excited to try the new Tatcha clay mask!

Spring Rouge Skin Care Haul

Hair, Body, Fragrance

All of the below items are new to me except the Nécessaire Body Exfoliator, which they’ve gifted me in the past. They no longer send me gifts (I probably didn’t send enough sales their way), but I like the products enough to purchase on my own.

Hair, fragrance, body Rouge haul

So that’s where I ended up when all was said and done! I made two online purchases and did one in-store shopping trip to see about that Dior lipstick (and picked up the adorable new Charlotte Tilbury palette while I was there). I haven’t begun using anything yet because I was waiting to see if the mood struck me to make a YouTube video. Since it hasn’t, I’ll now unbox everything and start diving in.

Did you get anything during this spring savings event?