November 2021 Sephora haul part 1
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Holiday Treats from Sephora

Sephora’s 2021 holiday event has come and gone! The timing was great—I needed winter skin care so I bought plenty of goodies using my Rouge 20% off discount. I went to my local Sephora right when it opened on the first morning of the Rouge discount. When I came home, I placed an online order for some items my store didn’t have. Then I ordered a few more items several days later. That 20% off will get ya!

I filmed a video of my entire haul, which you can watch below. An oopsie: I totally forgot to show the Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream in the video! The cream is a repurchase and I’ve already begun using it. The tube was sitting right behind me and I did not remember to grab it for the video.

Here’s a look at the first batch of products that I bought in-store:

November 2021 Sephora haul part 1

Holiday Haul, Part 1

Below is what I ordered after I returned home from my shopping trip. My closest Sephora is pretty small so they can only carry so many items.

Sephora haul part 2

Holiday Haul, Part 2

And here’s what I got in my second online order:

Sephora haul part 3

Holiday Haul, Part 3
Skin Care is In

I hardly bought any makeup; I already have plenty of it and I’m still not using makeup regularly. My haul was heavy on skin care, with a mix of repurchases and products I’ve been wanting to try.

This holiday haul renewed my Rouge status for 2022, so…yay? Haha…I always have mixed feelings of pride and guilt about that.

Did you go out all during this year’s Sephora holiday event, or did you skip it?