A Bit of Bingo for SDCC

Comic-Con 2018 is just a few days away! As I mentioned, this will be my tenth consecutive year (check out my updated SDCC tips for newbies if you’re new to the con). I created SDCC bingo cards again for my friends and I to play as we experience the sights, sounds, and—unfortunately—the smells of SDCC.

Can’t wait to fight through all of these bodies again.

There’s no physical prize for getting bingo—just bragging rights. If you’re going with friends, feel free to offer a prize within your own group of Comic-Con buddies!

Mark the squares off as you spot them. If you get bingo, snap a pic and post it to Instagram and/or Twitter using the hashtag #SDCCBingo.

Download Comic-Con 2018 Bingo

The downloadable PDF file contains four bingo sheets with a variety of squares.

Have a great time at SDCC, everyone!  🙂

This bingo game is NOT affiliated with Comic-Con International, the San Diego Convention Center, or any official SDCC offsites or events. I’m just a fan who created the game for fun!