Beetle House DC
More Halloween Vibes

1. Beetle House DC: John took me to the NYC Beetle House for my birthday a few years back, and when I heard they were opening in DC, we had to go! So we did an early birthday celebration there for him last weekend. The DC location is for some reason a prix fixe dinner menu, which is not how I like to eat (I’m not a three-course gal). But the decor was spooky cool and the cocktails, which came bubbling with dry ice smoke, were a highlight. The food was fine, nothing special. After dinner you’re encouraged to go to the upstairs bar for a complementary variety show…and it was honestly underwhelming. I don’t feel the need to go back, but it was fun to check out once. More pics here.

Beetle House DC

2. Jack-o-Lanterns: last Saturday I carved our pumpkins! I’ve never been very good at pumpkin carving so I ordered a carving kit from Target and it worked out quite well. The kit came with carving tools and a pattern booklet; you cut a pattern sheet out of the book, wet it, and smooth it onto the pumpkin. Then you cover it with plastic wrap and start carving. I’m pretty proud of how these turned out!!


3. Hardywood Rum Barrel Aged Belgian Style Farmhouse Pumpkin Ale: I spotted this large format beer at Trader Joe’s so I had to have it. I really liked this beer! The ale is on the darker side and has notes of caramel and vanilla. It’s a fairly sweet beer, but not too sweet for me. I’d buy this again.

Hardywood Pumpkin Beer

4. Halloween Mobile: my mom sent us this super cute mobile and I love it! I hung it on the outside of one of our bathroom doors and it makes me so happy every time I walk past it. So I’ll be leaving this up year round.

Halloween mobile

5. Yes to Tomatoes Clear Skin Detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask: this mask came in this year’s Whole Foods limited edition beauty bag. And it was not a hit for me. What I disliked most was the very perfumey scent; I could still smell it on my face two hours later, so I washed my face and re-did my skin care routine. No thanks.

Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Mask