1. MORE NEW POKÉMON! Can you tell I’m excited?! 50 new monsters were released in Pokémon Go just two weeks ago, and yesterday they dropped 20 more. I didn’t know an additional release was coming, so when I opened my app and saw the announcement screen I immediately put my shoes and coat on and went out to hunt some new Pokémon down. I managed to catch four new ones on my first outing with the new batch. I also encountered a fifth new release, but he ran away from me. I’ll get you yet, Delibird!

Clockwise from top left: Snorunt, Roselia, Seedot, Delibird, Spheal

2. Super Mario Odyssey: we bought this game to play on our new Nintendo Switch and it’s a lot of fun! I have a soft spot for Mario games because those are the ones I was the most into when I was a kid, though I’ve never been much of a gamer. I’m still adjusting to playing videos games where you can control the camera and your perspective (which shows you how long it’s been since I played), but Mario brings out alllll the nostalgia in me. In an early level, you can become a T-rex and run around smashing shit. Who doesn’t love that? And there are even sections of the game that are throwbacks to the original Super Mario Bros!

3. Zoolights: last Friday night my husband and I kicked date night off by checking out the holiday lights at the Smithsonian National Zoo. Because the zoo is part of the Smithsonian, entry is free! Neither of us had been to the zoo before (though I think I went with my family when I was a kid) and I wish I had allocated more time for us to roam around before our dinner reservation. It was pretty cold out so we ended up spending most of our time inside the small mammal and the reptile buildings. The big animals were not out and about in their habitats because it was dark and cold, so I’ll just have to make another trip to see them in the daytime when it’s warmer out!

4. Sephora VIB Rouge: peeps, my beauty game just leveled up…I’m not sure if I’m proud or ashamed to say that I hit VIB Rouge status this past week.  😛  The items in the photo below are the ones I ordered to put me over the Rouge threshold: Sephora Collection The Cleanse Daily Brush CleanerbareMinerals COMPLEXION RESCUE™ Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream in Birch 1.5FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna Match Stix Trio in Light 100, and FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna Portable Contour & Concealer Brush 150. I also got a complimentary SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Flawless Airbrush #56 as a gift for reaching Rouge. I was only $132 away from Rouge, but instead of outright spending that much I kind of hacked it by converting credit card points into Sephora e-gift cards that I then put toward the majority of this order. More makeup fun for me!!

5. Whisker City Cat Bed:  I went to Petsmart awhile back to buy some food for my husband’s fish and ended up buying a bunch of things for our cats, too. One of those things is this very plush but affordable (only $14.99!) bed that Zoe LOVES. Here she is making the most out of Lazy Sunday this past weekend:

I hope you have a happy and safe holiday with your loved ones!