San Diego Comic-Con Edition!

Life as been all over the place lately and I skipped a Friday Five a couple weeks in a row. I have a couple more trips coming up soon, but I’m trying to return to my regular blogging routine.

1. It’s Friday! Awhile back I ordered this Friday the 13th t-shirt from because it was on sale. I don’t think they carry it anymore, so I’m glad I was able to snag one! I wore it on Friday, July 13 and I wore it on Friday at Comic-Con even though it was the 20th. I’ll continue wearing it on Friday the 13ths in the future.  😀

2. Coronado Ferry: we stayed at the Coronado Marriott for Comic-Con this year; there’s a ferry that goes from the island directly to the convention center. The ferry landing was a 10-minute walk from the hotel, but the boat ride was such a joy to take!

3. Bob Ross Bobblehead: this might be the best thing I’ve ever bought in 10 years of attending Comic-Con. While I was wandering the show floor this year I swung by the Entertainment Earth booth because they always have fun stuff. They were selling only 1000 of these SDCC exclusive bobbleheads and I was amazed they hadn’t sold out yet. There was no line when I went by, so I didn’t even have to wait to buy him. I love my happy little toy!

4. Bizarre States Poster: last Saturday night I went to a party celebrating the 200th episode of one of my favorite podcasts! I got to meet hosts Andrew Bowser and Jessica Chobot and they signed this poster for me (I’m also a part of Jess’s VogueLeader beauty community known as Spoolietown, which is why she signed it to Spoolietown Forever). Going to the party was, without a doubt, a highlight of the con for me.

5. SDCC 2018 Pins: each year I add pins to my Comic-Con lanyard as the con goes on. This year I brought some of my own pins to display on my lanyard and I ended up with a bunch of new ones, too. I especially love the Bizarre States 200 pin that they gave party attendees!