1. Game of Thrones: how incredible was the season six finale?!?! Days later, I can’t stop thinking about it. Now that the show has surpassed the books (which I’ve read), I have to say that being surprised by the show is even more thrilling than the anticipation and then the fulfillment of watching something that you know is coming. I won’t spoil the show here in case you somehow haven’t managed to see the finale yet…but it was so fucking great. Also:¬†Lyanna Mormont (spoilers at the link) for the Iron Throne President of the United States.


2. Orange is the New Black: I binged the recently released fourth season of this show over the past couple weeks and enjoyed it more than the third¬†season. The addition of Blair Brown (Nina Sharp from Fringe!) as a Martha Stewart-Paula Deen mashup was delightful, and as per usual the show balanced out some truly dark material¬†with bits of light. The last two episodes just killed me…again, I won’t spoil anything here, but those two episodes were just heartbreaking.


3. Peter Gabriel + Sting: did you know these two music legends are currently on tour together?! My husband and I went to this¬†show at Madison Square Garden this past Monday, and it was pretty epic. I’m not a huge music or concert fan, but I’ve always enjoyed both Peter Gabriel and Sting’s music so I knew enough songs at the show to have a good time. I mean…these two guys on stage together, are you serious?! Here’s a very brief¬†video I took of Peter Gabriel singing fan favorite “In Your Eyes” (with Sting on backup!) alongside¬†a lovely rainbow light show celebrating Pride.

4. SOO AE Green Tea Mask: this mask was a “free with¬†purchase”‘ from Birchbox awhile back and I finally got around to trying it out this week. This mask has a relatively subtle appearance compared to many other sheet masks, but it still looks like I slapped a layer of someone else’s skin over my own face. This particular formula is an anti-aging combination of “hanbang,” which means “Oriental Medicinal Herbs.” As with many sheet masks I’ve tried it’s hard to see visible results after just one use, but I do feel like my skin tone¬†has been looking pretty good lately, so that’s positive!


5. Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask: I’ve been eyeing new-ish cult beauty brand Glossier for some time now, and I finally pulled the trigger on placing an order from them. My skin has been feeling a little dry lately, so I ¬†figured I’d try out their moisturizing mask, which is $22 but cost $28.85 with tax and shipping. Expect a full review of this mask coming soon!


Have a happy and safe Fourth of July weekend, everyone!