I haven’t had many occasions to use Rent the Runway lately, but I attended an event last Friday that was the perfect excuse to get all gussied up in a designer dress! As per usual I spent way too much time browsing Rent the Runway’s website, trying to find the ideal dress for the party—a mock wedding (I can’t really say any more than that).

After mulling over a ton of options, I decided to rent this gorgeous Marchesa Notte Green Lace Cocktail Dress:

I ended up choosing this dress for several reasons:

  • The colors and length were appropriate for fall—and it wasn’t blue, which I gravitate toward WAY too often.
  • The cold shoulder is on trend and a bit of a fashion risk for me because I had never worn it before.
  • It appeared form-fitting but not overly tight.
  • The cost wasn’t over-the-top.

When my dress arrived and I took it out of the package I was completely blown away by the gorgeous details. Here’s a closer look:

The dress had a bit of a goth-slash-witchy vibe, which could not have been more appropriate for an event taking place on Friday the 13th! I don’t think realized how witchy the lace detail was when I initially ordered the dress, so it was really more of a happy accident than something I did on purpose.

On somewhat of a side note: seeing as how the event was on Friday the 13th, I started my day off by primping with the Charlotte Tilbury Revolutionary Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask. And OF COURSE I watched Friday the 13th as my horror movie for the day.

Back to the dress…it fit perfectly! I was so very happy with my selection. One thing to note is that the dress doesn’t really work with a regular bra due to the sheer top, but a strapless bra would do the trick. I decided to skip the bra entirely because the two strapless bras I own are old and I would have been tugging them up all night (note to self: buy a better strapless bra!).

I really ended up loving the cold shoulder style! I’m usually a little self-conscious in trendy pieces but this one wasn’t too crazy for me. The dress was a little tight around the hips and thighs, so I learned quickly that I needed to hike it up to get in and out of cars or to go up and down stairs. I wouldn’t say it was too tight for comfort, though. The first time I sat down in the dress I felt like the neck started to choke me, but after shifting around in my seat it was totally fine. I was worried that I would bust the sleeves out while hugging people or dancing, but they didn’t bother me one bit throughout the entire night. Lace dresses can sometimes get itchy, but this dress was not one of those.

I received SO MANY compliments on my dress throughout the evening! I felt great in the dress even before receiving any compliments, so I knew I had made the right choice. Rent the Runway FTW yet again!!

This Marchesa Notte dress retails for $795 but the rental cost me $142.71 including tax, insurance, and shipping. Not bad at all for a night of feeling like a witch princess.  🙂

In case you’re wondering how I did my makeup for the evening, here’s a selfie I snapped before I headed out to the event:

Since my dress made a pretty big statement on its own I decided to keep my makeup and accessories fairly simple. I ended up doing a purple smoky eye with a nude lip, using the following products:

LOL—I said I kept it fairly simple, but I guess achieving the look with that many products is not really all that simple…

To sum it up, I had another great experience using Rent the Runway and will definitely continue using the service for future special events!