1. HALLOWEEN CANDY: I mean, is there really any explanation needed?! I spotted these in the checkout line at Michaels a few weeks ago while shopping for cross stitch supplies, and they basically jumped into my basket on their own. I’ve managed not to eat them thus far, but that’s not gonna be the case for much longer. I can’t wait to eat some brains and eyeballs!

2. Day of the Dead Sugar Cookie: yesterday morning I stopped by Starbucks to get a Maple Pecan Latte and simply had to get one of these adorable cookies. You know how sometimes really well decorated cookies actually taste like garbage? That’s not the case with Starbucks cookies—they taste as good as they look!

3. Nature Valley Crunchy Pumpkin Spice Granola Bars: I’m not fucking around when it comes to trying pumpkin stuff. Fortunately, these granola bars are waaaaaay better than that weird/gross pumpkin hummus I tried.

4. Caseology Parallax Series Case for iPhone 8: with a new cell phone comes a need for a new case. I spent quite awhile looking at cases online and finally settled on this one in aqua green. It’s only about $13-14 and so far, so good! It’s just a touch bulkier than what I’m used to, but it’s still slim enough for my taste.

5. Lola: I’m not entirely sure where I heard about this tampon and pad subscription service, but it seems like you can get subscription deliveries of just about anything these days. What got my interest was the fact that this brand uses organic cotton in all of their feminine hygiene products. I saw a coupon code somewhere and figured I’d give these products a shot. For my first order I chose the regular absorbency non-applicator tampons (I usually use O.B.) and the ultra thin liners. I found the tampons to be comparable to O.B. and will continue to subscribe to them. The liners were not my favorite thing; they were okay when wearing jeans but one day I put on a dress and suddenly with every step I took, I could hear that diaper crinkly sound that some pads and panty liners make. Even if I’m the only person who can hear it, that’s a deal breaker, ladies!