Pokémon x Colourpop makeup
Gotta Buy ’em All

When I hopped on Facebook recently, an ad appeared in my feed for a new Pokémon x Colourpop collection. I didn’t even pay attention to the launch date and went straight to Colourpop.com to check the collection out and buy some items. Turns out my timing was absolutely perfect and the collection must have just launched, because many of the products had sold out just a few hours after I placed my order! I don’t say this often, but thank you, Facebook (lol).

I ordered four items from the twelve-piece collection. You can order the full collection set for $159, though it’s currently sold out. I imagine they’ll restock, since much of this collection seemed to fly off the shelves like a Pokémon running away from an encounter in the wild.

Pokémon x Colourpop makeup

My Pokémon History

I did not grow up with Pokémon, as I was a little old for the card game and animated series when they came to the US. I didn’t really even knew what Pokémon was when the Pokémon Go app launched in July 2016. All I know is that I went to a friend’s birthday party on the game’s launch day and she was already playing it. TBH, I thought the game was silly and was not interested.

However, the app quickly went viral in the media and it became impossible to avoid news about it. So I downloaded the app a few days later and rapidly became obsessed. I even wrote a couple blog posts about it way back in the day! Comic-Con was really fun that year, because it took place just a couple weeks after the game’s launch and EVERYONE at the con was playing.

Fast forward nearly eight years later and I am not kidding when I tell you I still play Pokémon Go daily. I love collecting things, so the game is right up my alley. As of this writing I’ve caught 728 different types of Pokémon and have almost 1,200 Pokémon in storage. I’m getting close to hitting Level 40. All of this is to say that I continue to be a fan of the game…so this makeup collection is basically made for me.

The Palette

Pokémon x Colourpop Pallet Town shadow palette

The Pallet Town eyeshadow palette costs $30 and includes TWENTY-FOUR shades! This palette is a rainbow explosion of Pokémon–inspired colors, from matte to shimmer to glitter.

Pokémon x Colourpop Pallet Town shadow palette inside

Here’s a closer look, where you can better see the shade names:

Pokémon x Colourpop Pallet Town shadow palette
Peep that Pokéball imprint on “I Choose You!”
The Swatches

The palette is almost too cute to touch, but I did end up swatching the shades. This first set includes the first two rows from the left side of the palette.

Pallet Town swatches number 1
Top to bottom: Evolution, Cerulean City, S.S. Anne, Indigo League, Celadon City, Tall Grass, Viridian City, Fainted

This next set of swatches includes the two middle rows of shades:

Pallet Town swatches - number 2
Top to bottom: Jelly Donut, Blasting Off, Lavender Town, Drying Pan, Gym Leader, Pokémon Center, Fuchsia City, Pewter City

I did the last set of swatches in a confusing order; the rightmost row starts at the top of my arm.

Pallet Town swatches - number 3
Top to bottom: Elite Four, Saffron City, Champion, Trainer’s Path, Fossil, Vermilion City, I Choose You!, Cinnabar Island

The shimmer and glitter shades are very smooth, but some of the matte shades are a little patchy and less pigmented. I’ve found that’s often true with Colourpop eyeshadows as well as those of other brands. I think my favorite shades are Evolution, Indigo League, Viridian City, Jelly Donut, Blasting Off, Drying Pan, and Gym Leader. I typically don’t love pink shades for my eyes, but I actually think Pokémon Center might look cute.

I’m excited to play with these shades this summer!

The Lip Mask

How fucking cute is this Pokéball lip mask?! It’s called You’re a Catch and costs $12.

You're a Catch Lip Mask

Inside the Pokéball is a sparkly pink, berry lip mask.

You're a Catch Berry Lip Mask

This photo gives you a better look at the sparkles in the lip mask, which smells like strawberries and has a very soft texture.

Lip mask sparkles

The pH Balm

There are three versions of this color-changing pH lip balm, but I only ordered the Ditto one, called Transform ($12). Purple is my favorite color, and I do love the blobby Ditto that some Pokémon transform into after you’ve caught them (I’m looking at you, Zorua).

Transform pH Lip Balm

The lip balm bullet is chock full of chunky glitter! SO CUTE!

Transform pH lip balm sparkles!

The Super Shock

Squirtle is one of my favorite Pokémon*, so of course I ordered the Hydro Pump Super Shock Shadow ($9). I allllmost ordered the Solar Beam one too, which is inspired by Bulbasaur, but I decided not to. If I remember correctly, though, Bulbasaur was the first Pokémon that I ever caught! Maybe I’ll pick up that shadow at an Ulta if I happen to see it in the future.

Hydro Pump Super Shock Shadow

Below are swatches of Hydro Pump, Transform, and You’re a Catch (which is basically clear but you can see the shine).

Pokémon makeup swatches

I’m soooo happy that I was able to snag these goodies! It’s pretty tempting to pick up some more. The Evolution Ultra Glossy Lip Kit is on my radar and is currently available, and the Metronome Cream Blush is still available and calling my name as well.

Did you manage to get anything from the Pokémon x Colourpop collection? What’s your favorite Pokémon? Like I said, Squirtle has my heart. Shinies are always special, and a fun surprise when they appear. I do also love Eevee, and I have a particular fondness for the Pokémon that I’ve caught while traveling internationally (such as Corsola, Heracross, Mr. Mime, and Klefki) that aren’t available in the US! Talking about and playing Pokémon Go make me feel like a kid again.  🙂


*A small Squirtle figurine sits on my nightstand!