The other day I posted about my winter morning skin care routine, and as promised I’m also sharing my current nighttime routine. You may notice some repeat products from my AM stash:

My nighttime routine varies based on a magical algorithm (i.e., a combination of factors including my mood, my laziness level, and how much makeup I wore that day, if at all). I am one of those people who will, at minimum, take off all my makeup and moisturize before bed—even after parties that involve ALLLL THE WINE.  😛  I just can’t deal with doing to bed with makeup on. Plus, I enjoy the winding-down aspect at night; sleep experts recommend engaging in a consistent pre-bed ritual or routine, so this skin care process (plus brushing and flossing my teeth) has the added bonus of serving that purpose.*

So that’s all the stuff I slap on my face before I hit the hay! I guess you could call my overall skin care routine a modified Korean skin care routine. I go through a lot of steps, but not as many as a true Korean skin care routine.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek at how I’m taking care of my skin this winter. What’s your nighttime skin care routine like? Do you follow it consistently?

*Not that this ritual actually helps me get to sleep. I am garbage at going to sleep.