The First Natch Beaut Collab

I’m a fan of Natch Beaut, and when host Jackie Johnson recently announced her first ever collaboration with a skin care brand, I was so excited for her! The collaboration is with Loli Beauty and includes three “pank” skin care items: an oil, a micellar water, and a mask.

I was verrrry tempted to buy the full Pank Collection, but I didn’t want to spend $102 (and that’s with a 15% off promo code; full price is $120). I settled on ordering the Pank Pitaya Mask, which is normally $38 but cost $32.30 with the promo code NATCH (+ $5.00 shipping). As of this writing, the mask is the only product still available. The rest of the collection, including the bundle, is currently sold out!

Loli x Natch Beaut Pank Pitaya Mask

A Little About Loli

Loli stands for “Living Organic Loving Ingredients.” The brand uses certified organic or organically cultivated superfood ingredients that are responsibly sourced—and food grade, to boot. Packaging is compostable or reusable like the jar the mask comes in. Loli is also committed to stopping human trafficking, and of course the products are cruelty-free and vegan. Founder Tina Hedges was a guest on an episode of Natch Beaut, but I haven’t gotten to that one just yet. I’m looking forward to listening to it soon!

Pank Pitaya Mask

The Pank Pitaya mask is a powder that can be mixed with water, apple cider vinegar, micellar water, hydrosol, or even a bit of the Pank Plum Elixir. Basically, you can customize a mask cocktail for your face!

Loli describes the mask as “an exfoliating cleanser, Vitamin C mask, decongesting scrub and blemish soother all-in one.” Its key ingredient is Amazonian dragonfruit (aka pink pitaya), which helps brighten, hydrate, calm redness, and fight inflammation. Among other ingredients, the mask also contains Australian pink clay and crushed rose petals to absorb impurities and soothe.

The packaging is super cute and I was excited that the box included not only the mask, but all the tools you need to mix and apply it (plus a card with a note from Jackie and a photo of her looking glowy as hell).

Loli x Natch Beaut Pank Pitaya Mask
How cute is this little jar of mask powder?

Loli was so thoughtful to send mixing tools along with the mask. The kit includes two mixing bowls, a spoon for scooping powder out, two mixing paddles, and a mask application brush:

Pank Pitaya Mask tools

Using the Mask

Per the instructions on the jar, I put two teaspoons of the mask powder in the mixing bowl:

Pank Pitaya Mask texture

Then I mixed in two teaspoons of water. The instructions say to use distilled water but I used plain old DC tap water, which is actually pretty good as far as tap water goes.

Pank Pitaya Mask mixed with water

After mixing the mask into a thin paste, I applied it to my face using the brush. I completely forgot that the instructions said to apply to a damp face, so I applied it to my dry face. I’ll have to try dampening my face first next time. The mask has a little grit to it, which is great for exfoliation. And it smells AMAZING! A little rosy, a little fruity. Very pleasant!

Wearing the Pank Pitaya Mask

I left the mask on for 15 minutes and rinsed with warm water. The website also says you can roll the mask off and then rinse the excess. So I’d like to try that removal method next time.

My skin felt refreshed and looked luminous after washing the mask off! Here’s a post-mask selfie without any products on my face—not even moisturizer:

Post-mask glow
No filter, no FaceTune

I felt like my skin still looked good a full day after using this mask! This was definitely $37 well spent. I’m very happy with the Pank Pitaya Mask and might splurge on the Pank Plum Elixir when that comes back in stock. I’m also interested in trying more from Loli. I like the brand’s entire vibe and it’s also nice to support a woman-owned company.

Have you tried anything from the Natch Beaut Pank Collection yet?


Note: this post is not sponsored. I purchased the mask with my own money and I am sharing my honest opinion.