For some time now I’ve been kicking around the idea of setting up an Instagram separate from @sheiman where I can post content related to this blog.* I don’t want to annoy my friends with posts promoting my blog content all the time, so this past week I finally created a new Insta handle: @adventuresherman.

I’ll be posting more makeup and beauty stuff on @adventuresherman than I usually do on my personal account. But, like my blog, the content won’t be restricted to makeup and beauty; if you read this blog regularly, you’re aware that I cover a variety of topics…basically whatever I feel like writing about at the moment. I’m also considering doing some Get Ready With Me videos where I apply makeup on camera…but I’m trying to work up the courage to do that. I may start with a timelapse GRWM. Baby steps.  🙂

A note about my new Insta handle: it’s “adventures Herman,” not “adventure Sherman.” I’ll probably eventually change my main blog title to Adventures of Herman (which is my blog’s subtitle as of now). Herman was my nickname in high school—read more about it in a very early post on my blog—and it really stuck. I tried to get @adventuresofherman or @hermanadventures on Instagram, but those were already taken. Hence @adventuresherman.

So that’s what’s going on around here! Please do follow my new Insta account if you’re interested in seeing more from me than just my blog posts. And thanks!

*I already have a @brooklyorchids handle for my Brooklyn Orchids site. Now I have three Insta accounts to manage, so apologies if I accidentally post something to the wrong account (it’s bound to happen eventually).