1. GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! Specifically my two favorites, Samoas and Thin Mints. It pays to have nieces who are Girl Scouts! Leonardo DiCaprio opening a box of Girl Scout cookies at the Oscars is me right now (But…Trefoils, Leo? We all expected more from you). NOM NOM NOM.


2. Andalou Naturals Instant Luminous Face Mask: I bought this at Whole Foods for about $6 (if I remember correctly) while on vacation but I didn’t get around to using it until yesterday. I’d never seen these Andalou single use mask pods before so I figured I’d pick one up while it was in front of me. This mask contains the trendy anti-inflammatory ingredient turmeric as well as gold clay for a healthy glow. I applied the mask after my shower and left it on for 10 minutes, then washed it off…and I will say it did make my face look radiant (the bottom right pic below was taken right after I washed the mask off, pre-moisturizer). Also, I only used about half the pod so I wrapped the remainder up in aluminum foil and will get a second use out of it!


3. Spaghetti with Marinara, Grey Squash, and Ricotta: I whipped up this super easy dish for dinner this week, and my husband liked it so much he requested I make it again! While the water was boiling for the pasta I sauteed the squash in olive oil with salt, pepper, and Sarah’s Mediterranean Sea Salt. When the spaghetti was cooked I tossed it with Thrive Market Organic Marinara Tomato Sauce and topped it off with a healthy dollop of ricotta cheese. So good!


4. Orchid Evenings at the New York Botanical Garden: I’ve attended the Orchid Show at the NYBG every year for the past eight years now, but this is the first time I’ve gone to one of their Orchid Evenings. We went last Saturday night and had a great time—you can read my full recap on my orchid blog. The beautiful orchid in the pic below is called Cattleya Little Oliver, which I like to think is named after Oliver Queen‘s junk. Yep, I’m classy.  😛


5. Tweezerman’s Free Sharpening Service: most of us ladies know by now that Tweezerman is basically the only game in town. What’s not as well known is that they offer free sharpening on all of their tweezers! I’ve had this pair of tweezers for probably 10+ years and never bothered to have them sharpened so I thought it was high time I did so. I followed the directions on the Tweezerman website and nervously put my tweezers in the mail, hoping they wouldn’t get lost (though I do have a backup Tweezerman for traveling). But about three weeks later my favorite tweezers came back to me, like new and packaged in a case with a fresh tip cover. Thanks, Tweezerman and Luis N.!