Blizzardpocalypse arrived in Brooklyn late last night, earlier than expected. The last reports I had heard were that the snow was going to start around midnight but it actually started coming down around 10pm. We already had this much by about 1:15am when I went to bed:


(Side note: I don’t usually go to bed that late, but we had friends over to play Settlers of Catan last night.)

This was my view out the same window at 7:45 this morning:


The NY Post was right—it is whiter than the Oscars out there.

Conveniently (for them), our landlords are out of town so the responsibility for shoveling our building’s stairs and sidewalk has fallen on my husband and I, the only two other residents currently in the place. Thankfully our landlords left us a shovel, a bucket, and salt before they left town. The snow is expected to keep coming down all day and into tomorrow morning, but we figured it would be better to shovel some now than to wait until we have two feet of snow. So we bundled up and went outside with our gear…and it’s actually a bit magical right now.


This is my “Yikes, look at all this fucking snow” face:


A little brown dog from a few doors down came outside to play, and he was absolutely beside himself with joy:


He came barreling up the sidewalk through the snow and was frolicking around in it. The snow is actually about as tall as the dog right now. It was the CUTEST. I wish I’d gotten a video.

One of the things I love about big snowstorms in NYC is that you can just say fuck it and walk in the street:


Our next door neighbor is a doctor who works at an urgent care clinic in Park Slope. When we went outside to shovel, she literally put on a pair of cross country skis started skiing to work. That’s dedication.

A friend and I have tickets to Stephen Amell’s Nocking Point Wine Mixer in Secaucus, New Jersey this evening. Yeah…that’s not happening. The mixer is piggybacking onto the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest (which we’re not attending) and that got canceled today due to the blizzard. NJ Transit is fully shut down anyway, so we wouldn’t have any way of getting to Jersey. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they reschedule the wine mixer for tomorrow (and that if they do, NJ Transit starts running again so that we can actually get there!).

Stay warm and safe, everyone!