1. Manhattan Skyline: my husband I went to Brooklyn earlier this week to attend a belated holiday party and we stayed at a hotel in Williamsburg. Because we were so close to the East River, I strolled over to Bushwick Inlet Park to take in the skyline across the river—a view that just never gets old.

2. Cheese Plate: it’s what’s for dinner. We went to happy hour at Fig and Olive in CityCenterDC and split this delicious cheese plate, among other things. I could literally have just eaten this for dinner on my own. YUM.

3. Multimasking: to prep for my NYC trip, I did a bit of multimasking using a couple of items from the Sephora Holy Sheet mask set that I received over the holidays. I decided to use the Lotus Eye Mask for moisturizing and soothing along with the Purifying & Scrubbing Charcoal Nose Strip. Sephora’s nose strip doesn’t rip all the blackheads right out of your pores the way Biore strips do, but charcoal does help suck impurities out. It was fun to use these products together because I kind of looked like an insane human koala.

4. 5-Minute Dungeon: we received this “chaotic, cooperative, real-time card game” as a holiday gift from my brother-in-law and busted it out for the first time last weekend. Basically, players work together to defeat each “door card” as it’s drawn, and the ultimate goal is to beat five levels of bosses. Of course, each boss level increases in difficulty. Chaotic really is a good description of the game—I had trouble keeping up a lot of the time, but it was a lot of fun and we got better with each round we played. And if you want a less stressful version of the game you can always forgo using a timer.

5. Ciders: my husband picked up some beer and cider at our local craft beer store, so I tried these two: Austin Eastciders Texas Honey Cider and Graft Farm Flor Rustic Cider. I definitely liked the Texas Honey Cider better—it was a sweeter, more traditional-tasting cider than Graft’s sour cider. That one was a little too sour for my taste.