Well, I thought I was finished with blogging for the year…but then I realized that I did a lot of cool stuff in 2017 so I decided to put together a list of personal favorites from the year.  We moved to Washington DC at the end of February and I started exploring my new city quite a bit—something I honestly didn’t really do a whole lot of in the 15 years I lived in New York City. I feel a lot less anxious in DC and tend to feel like getting out more…it’s like a huge weight has lifted. Suffice to say, I’m generally happier living in DC now, though I do miss my friends in NYC!

It ended up being pretty hard to distill this list into a manageable year-end roundup, because there was actually SO MUCH to choose from!*

Here goes…my own personal highlights of 2017.


Getting drinks at the Rainbow Room’s bar before we moved to DC. You just can’t beat the view from the 65th floor of Rockefeller Center in the middle of Manhattan, and it was a fitting way to begin closing out our time in the city.


Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirror exhibit at the Hirshhorn Museum

Walking through sunflower fields at McKee Beshers Wildlife Management Area (note to self: make sure to go during peak bloom next year!)

Taking a getaway just an hour and fifteen minute drive from our place at Salamander Resort and Spa in Middleburg, Virginia

Visiting the stunningly beautiful Library of Congress (which I did more than once)—a fifteen minute walk from my apartment!

Seeing the Murder Is Her Hobby exhibit at the Renwick Gallery

This unbelievable bucatini cacio e pepe at The Red Hen:

My husband taking me to Mellow Mushroom for my 39th birthday dinner. MM reminds me of college and the pizza was just as great as I remembered!


Get Out was the first movie we went to see in DC, a couple weeks after we moved here. It was so god damn good that I re-watched it recently and will likely watch it again.

The bad assery of Wonder Woman!

Meeting Misha Collins at San Diego Comic-Con!

The Bizarre States podcast has given me countless hours of entertainment this year…

…and so has My Favorite Murder.

What were your own personal favorite things of 2017?


*I actually left two of the biggest, coolest things of the year off this list because they’re related to my husband’s work so I’d rather not write about them here. But if you follow me on Instagram, you know what I’m talking about.  😉