1. A Day Without a Woman: the weather was lovely on Wednesday so I took a stroll to explore a bit of DC. As I walked past the Supreme Court, I heard voices over loudspeakers and some cheering coming from the direction of the U.S. Capitol so I headed that way. A rally was just coming to a close and there was a sea of people on the lawn. The crowd was mostly women wearing red, in honor of International Women’s Day and to demonstrate economic solidarity. I happened to be wearing a red shirt, so I totally blended in. Although I arrived at the tail end of the rally, I was happy that I got to participate even the slightest bit…especially because I did my husband’s laundry that morning so I completely failed at the whole “don’t do any paid or unpaid labor” strike that women were encouraged to engage in on March 8. This was the second time recently that I accidentally ended up at a rally/protest! “The Accidental Protestor”…I might be on to something here.  😛

2. Fireplace! Oh yes, in my Friday Five last week I neglected to mention that WE HAVE A WORKING FIREPLACE in our new apartment. I picked up a Duraflame log at our local supermarket and VOILA: (safe) flames in our living room. So wonderful.

3. Shamrock Donut: also at our supermarket are these cute St. Paddy’s Day donuts. I don’t even know when the holiday is, nor do I really even care, to be perfectly honest. But this donut looked delicious so I had to have one. YUM.

4. Festive Pikachu: I’ll always be excited to find a Pikachu while playing Pokémon Go, and it’s even more fun when Pikachu is dressed up for an occasion (see also: holiday Pikachu). This  particular “Party Hat Pikachu” event was held to commemorate Pokémon Day, the anniversary of the original game’s launch. Adorable!

5. Roasted Cauliflower Gratin With Tomatoes and Goat Cheese: I made this NY Times Cooking recipe for dinner earlier this week, and holy shit was it good!!! This dish is definitely going into the regular rotation.