Happy (almost) Halloween! In honor of my favorite holiday, this week’s Friday Five is centered around Halloweeny things.

1. Halloween Nail Stickers by Kiss: I found these at the drugstore and obviously had to buy them. I painted my nails with two coats of a way-too-old Sally Hansen black nail polish and then stuck these fun little guys on before applying a top coat. My DIY mani isn’t the most professional looking, but I still think my nails turned out pretty cute.


2. Trick ‘r Treat: one of my all-time Halloween favorites! My husband and I watched this one together last weekend as part of my 31 Days of Horror Challenge (which is going quite well, btw). My little Funko  ReAction Horror Classics Sam watched right along with us. Cutest murderer ever! 🙂IMG_0264

3. Fall colors in Prospect Park: no filter necessary. This tree is EN FUEGO!


4. Sunset over the Gowanus Canal: okay, this one’s not really Halloween-related (though the toxic contents of the Gowanus certainly qualify as terrifying), but it’s an autumn sunset as seen from the subway platform at Smith/9th Street in Brooklyn. Magic hour, indeed.


5. Green-Wood Chapel inside Green-Wood Cemetery, one of my absolute favorite spots in New York City. I’ve visited this National Historic Landmark many times but our new apartment is located even closer to the cemetery than our old place, so it makes for great location to take a beautiful, peaceful stroll.  I particularly love this gorgeously detailed chapel, found not too far in from the main entrance. It’s also fun to spot the monk parakeets nesting in the spires of the main gatehouse. You’ll probably see Green-Wood pop up again on my blog.  🙂


Have a wonderful and safe Halloween weekend, everyone!