October Bullet Journal, Sunset Dinner, Halloween Decorations, Cider

1. October Bullet Journal Spread: I enjoy drawing my Bullet Journal spreads each month and I was extra excited to draw October. I’m still not the best at drawing little icons, but this month I think I did a pretty decent job.  The leaf looks kinda squished, but I like my other drawings.  🙂

2. Sunset Dinner: last weekend, John and I did a mini road trip to a waterfront restaurant in Maryland called Skipper’s Pier. The location is beautiful and we got to see the sun set. I ordered nachos (because if nachos are on a menu I can’t not order them) and they were quite good. I’d totally go back here!

3. Halloween Decorations: I made a Target run last weekend and bought a few things to jazz up our place for Halloween. I didn’t go too nuts with it.  😛  I especially love these color-changing skeleton lights that we hung from our loft!

4. Pumpkin Spice Coffee: the Archer Farms pumpkin spice coffee that I bought at Target awhile back was just okay. It was actually a little heavy on the spice for my taste. I picked up this limited edition bag of ground beans at Whole Foods today—maybe it’ll be more to my liking.

5. iPhone Stand [paid link]: I have a lot of trouble with my right arm from using the computer and phone so much. I’m currently in occupational therapy to try and correct some of the things that are causing me problems. My therapist recommended a stand for my phone so that I don’t have to hold it with my arm bent. I bought this affordable stand [paid link] from Amazon and so far it’s working well for me. It’s adjustable and can hold a phone or a tablet. Our phones are wrecking our bodies! Especially when you use Instagram as much as I do!