Three years ago today I started this blog. I had been writing Brooklyn Orchids, my blog about orchids, for years, but I wanted to have a separate place where I could write about beauty products and other non-orchid-related things that interest me.

My very first post was about an organic beauty bag that I won at a holiday party raffle. I think that’s still the only thing I’ve ever won! I began to sprinkle in posts about cooking, a few DIY projects, travel, style, and nerdy stuff like attending San Diego Comic-Con.

For me, blogging is a good opportunity to stretch my writing muscles and to talk about a variety of things. I guess you’d call my blog a lifestyle blog? I don’t know, I don’t feel right calling myself a beauty blogger because I write about more than just beauty. Whatever you wanna call this website, it’s been fun and I have no reason to stop now!

In honor of three years of blogging, I’ll leave you with links to my three most-read posts of [all time as of this writing]. All are Stitch Fix…go figure.  🙂

1. Stitch Fix: December 2015 Review

2. Stitch Fix: May 2016 Review

3. Stitch Fix: May 2015 Review

Have a great weekend!