1. National Archives Museum: on Monday I decided to check out this museum, which has been on my to-do list for quite some time. They don’t allow photography inside, so this pic of the (beautiful) building will have to suffice. I highly recommend visiting this place—inside the rotunda you can view the actual, real-life Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights. They’re wonderful reminders of the things that *actually* make America great.

2. Gems and Minerals: after the Archives I went to the National Museum of National History for a bit, mostly to see the gems and minerals exhibit (again) but also to stop by the gift shop. Every time I view this exhibit I find more new favorites!

3. Valentine’s Day Murder Mystery Dinner: typically on V-Day, John and I go out for a nice dinner. But when I heard about this event via the DC Murderinos Facebook group I was like, “yes, this is happening.” The event took place at the gorgeous Whittemore House, a historic mansion in Northwest DC. The theme was “1920s masquerade ball,” so we bought masks on Amazon (as did every other attendee!) and got gussied up in cocktail attire. The food was unfortunately subpar, but the rest of the event was a really good time. Improv actors played the parts of the suspects, and guests were encouraged to roam around the house questioning the suspects as everyone tried to figure out whodunnit. And John and I guessed right! Score!

Dinner in the Whittemore House ballroom

4. Qiaya Ring Light [paid link]: I recently decided I wanted a ring light for my iPhone so that I can try to take better-lit photos (particular those featuring makeup) for my blog and Instagram. Our apartment gets a lot of natural light, but on overcast days I struggle to get decently-lit pics. I spent a little time researching the myriad options and settled on this $15.99 LED ring light with 1,000+ good reviews on Amazon. It has three light level settings so you can go as bright as you want and it comes with a USB charger. I’m pleased with it so far!

5. Little Free Library: I’ve probably posted about these before, but this is one of the cutest Little Free Libraries I’ve ever seen! I just love the “take a book, leave a book” concept. I found a vintage copy of Tom Wolfe’s The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test in this library so I took it home with me. Someday when I have a yard of my own I’d love to build one of these!