The Haunting of Hill House, New Pokemon, Eye Patches, and more

1. The Haunting of Hill House: Netflix loves to drop shows without much fanfare. At least, I didn’t feel like I had any awareness that this show was coming. I am six episodes in and am LOVING IT. This show, based on Shirley Jackson’s book (which I haven’t read), is legit creepy but also very emotional. And the cast is GREAT. I don’t want to say more than that, but if you’re into horror, watch this show!

2. New Pokémon: I didn’t know Pokémon Go was releasing new monsters this week! So a notification on my phone about new Sinnoh region monsters was a pleasant surprise. Thus far I’ve only caught three of the 24 new little guys, and they are adorable. I especially love the first new one that I caught, the ridiculously named bucktoothed Bidoof.

3. Acure Radically Rejuvenating Under Eye Hydrogel Mask [paid link]: I haven’t used eye masks in months! I’ve had this pair sitting in the fridge for awhile and finally decided to bust them out this week. I’m not sure if I’ve used hydrogel masks before and I was worried that these wouldn’t cling to my face for 20 minutes because they weren’t super wet. But they totally stuck and my undereye area felt pretty nice afterward. I wouldn’t say these were radically rejuvenating after one use but I would definitely buy them again.

4. Cheetos Bag of Bones: I basically stopped in my tracks at the grocery store when I saw these. They’re just bone-shaped white cheddar-flavored Cheetos, but they were a lot of fun to eat.  🙂 They also come in a flaming hot flavor.

5. Whole Foods Pumpkin Spiced Apple Cider: John bought this for me even though he’s not a fan of pumpkin spice shit. It actually tastes like pumpkin, unlike some pumpkin-flavored items out there. I’d repurchase!