1. Sheet Masks! Yes, I bought more. No, I probably won’t stop using sheet masks any time soon. HauteLook had another K-beauty sale in late August, so I bought a five-pack of SOO AE The Cure Collagen Essence Mask Pearl ($12; I can’t seem to find a reliable link to buy these online, not even on the brand’s website) and a five-pack of Goodal Orchid Anti-Wrinkle Lifting Mask ($15) because ORCHIDS.


2. Osprey Daylite Backpack: literally as soon as we arrived at our apartment after returning from Colorado, the second strap on my crappy old backpack that I was using as my carry-on broke (the first strap had already broken during our trip). So, it was time to get a new backpack! I decided to get one that would work well as a light hiking pack for future outdoor excursions. My husband has a gray one and it’s been working well for him, so I got myself a purple one ($49.95 on Amazon). Now I can’t wait to use it!


3. State Street Cowl: fall always puts me in a knitting mood, so I recently stopped by Argyle, my local yarn shop, to pick up circular needles for a hat that I keep trying and failing to knit (I knit the exact same hat years go, and I’m determined to do it again!). While I was there I figured I might as well get a pattern and yarn to make a cowl for the upcoming chilly weather. I picked out a cowl pattern by Quince & Co and bought beautiful purple-flecked moss green Paloma yarn by Debbie Bliss, plus the larger set of required needles (I already had the smaller needles in my stash). My knitting skills are super rusty and I’ve had four failed starts on this cowl, but my fifth attempt is going well so far…wish me luck with the rest of this project!


4. Leuchtturm1917 Dotted Journal: I’ve almost filled up a Rifle Paper Co notebook with my first attempt at bullet journaling, but I’ve done the most basic, lame version of a BuJo imaginable. Near the end of our vacation I started researching notebooks that bullet journal fans like the best and I picked out this pretty purple book. I ordered mine from Goulet Pens for $26.45 including tax and shipping, but it’s also available on Amazon in a variety of colors. Then I really went down the BuJo rabbit hole that is Pinterest (Instagram, too) and ordered some supplies to do it right this time. I may share a blog post with the results once I get this fresh new bullet journal all set up!


5. Speedy Romeo: I know I’ve talked about this pizza place before, but after the first time we ate there we discovered that they deliver via Caviar. HELLO. We ordered in this past Sunday night, and this time I tried The Saint Louie* because it’s inspired by my hometown’s pizza, provel cheese and all. IT WAS SO GOOD. I think I said that to my husband several times as I was shoving pizza into my face. This is now my favorite pizza place in NYC!



*I don’t eat a lot of meat because I genuinely just don’t like most of it. However, I’ve always liked the more processed meats like pepperoni, sausage, bacon, hot dogs, etc. (I know, it’s terrible). So, seeing as how this pizza had pepperoni and sausage on it, I was totally down with eating it.