1. Travel Candle Set from Brooklyn Candle Studio: I’ve talked about these lovely candles before (and took a candlemaking workshop there as well!). They recently offered free shipping for a limited time, so I figured I might as well stock up. I decided to go with a $39 set of four gold travel candles—you get to pick your four fragrances, so I chose Cedarwood Vanilla, Rose Botanica, Montana Forest, and Pumpkin Harvest. They all smell incredible!


2. Sunset in Red Hook, Brooklyn: My husband and I attended a beautiful wedding at The Liberty Warehouse last weekend, and the view cannot be beat. The sky was ON FIRE at sunset. You might not think of NYC as being all that colorful, but we get some incredible sunsets here in Brooklyn.


3. Gorgeous fall flower arrangement: I attended a party earlier this week and loved the super rich tones of the flowers at the venue. And, they included Cymbidium orchids (that large red bloom you see in the center)…I’m such a sucker for orchids.  🙂


4. Moon Drop Grapes: last weekend I got my first Fresh Direct delivery in quite awhile. When I spotted these interestingly-shaped grapes in their produce section I figured I should try them…and they are delicious! You’d think because of their shape they might be GMO, but they are not (yay!). I’m honestly not too great about remembering to eat fruit on a daily basis, but having these in the fridge has led me to snack on them all week. Yum!


5. Tomato Pie: I browsed through my Recipes to Try Pinterest board yesterday in search of something to cook for dinner last night, and when I got to this recipe my search ended. It’s not exactly seasonally appropriate (tomatoes? basil?) but it was super easy (I used a frozen pie shell) and it tasted GREAT. The recipe suggested caramelizing the onions for even more flavor, so I spent approximately eight hours caramelizing an onion yesterday. Not really…it was more like an hour and fifteen minutes. But it was worth it! So that I didn’t feel bad serving us what amounts to bread, tomatoes, and cheese mixed with mayo for dinner I also whipped up a simple side salad: literally just some locally grown greens tossed with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette.