Four Orchids and a Cat

1. Brooklyn Orchids 2019 Calendar: I completely forgot to promote my orchid calendar before Black Friday, but you can still get it for 50% off through tonight, November 30, at 11:59pm PST if you use code CYBRWEEKZAZZ at checkout! The calendar includes twelve months’ worth of original orchid photography by ME! 😀

2. My First New Blooms: I’m phoning it in with a bunch of orchids for my Friday Five this week. My orchids haven’t bloomed much in the past few years, so I’m always thrilled when one of them blooms. Two blooms opened up on this little cutie while we were in LA for Thanksgiving. It was such a treat to come home to them!

3. Hotel Orchids: we stayed at a hotel for part of our LA visit. And the hotel lobby had this beautiful display of moth orchids! Some places put out a display of dusty plastic orchids, so I appreciated that our hotel used live plants. I especially love those magenta-and-cream-speckled blooms.

4. Walter’s Orchid: the orchid that my friend sent us after we put our kitty Walter to sleep is doing quite well. Most of its blooms have opened, though the second bud to the end is blasting (which means it’s shriveling up and won’t open). I’m not sure why that bud took a turn, but the rest are looking beautiful.

5. This Bitchface: Zoe’s world has been in a bit of turmoil since we lost Walter. She actually didn’t like him one bit, so I think she’s been on edge worrying whether he’s coming back. The day after we returned from LA she uncharacteristically hung out around me quite a bit, even chilling on a cat bed on the couch next to me. Which is where I captured this most excellent bitchface.