Chair, Chandelier, Kimmy Schmidt, and Cooking for a Get-Together

1. Phoebe Chair: my mom got us this beautiful chair from West Elm as a housewarming gift. We sat in a bunch of chairs in the store and once we decided which one we wanted we let my mom know what to get. And it happened to be 30% off! The chair arrived this week, and we love it. You can get this chair in a variety of fabrics and colors and there’s another leg option, but we picked the standard distressed velvet in ink blue with brass legs. It goes well with our color scheme and it shipped quickly. Some of the options take up to 12 weeks to ship! No thank you.

2. Sculptural Glass Globe 3-Light Chandelier: we did kind of a big shopping trip at West Elm last weekend. They were having a sale so we got 20% off our order! You basically don’t have to pay full price for anything these days because there are always sales. One of the items we picked out was this chandelier to go over our dining table (which we also ordered but don’t have in our home yet). We picked the small globes in the “milk” glass option and brass finish. I think we’re going to adjust the pendant height a bit, but I’m loving this chandelier!

3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: I’ve talked about my love for this show before. We finished the final season this past week and while I’m sad it’s over, the ending made me really happy. And I can always re-watch the show…which I would love to do because it has become one of my all-time favorite comedies! And Titus Andromedon is one of my favorite TV characters, too.

Poop’s Not Food, Suzie!

4. Spinach Puffs: we had a few people over for a little gathering at our place last night, and I actually made some munchies instead of serving store-bought stuff like I usually do. I found this recipe on and doubled it to make 12 puffs. The recipe used pre-made puff pastry (fortunately) and it was super easy! These turned out great and I would 100% make them again.

5. White Bean Green Goddess Dip: I also decided to make a dip for crudités instead of serving the usual pre-made creamy ranch or tzatziki. I found this recipe on Pinterest, and while mine of course didn’t turn out to be as green and pretty as the blogger’s, it tasted great and everyone complimented me on it. So this was another winner that I’d make again!