1. Supernatural Convention in Secaucus, NJ: a little while after Comic-Con, my friend and I decided to buy Sunday tickets to Creation Entertainment’s #NJCON. I’d never been to a show-specific convention like this before, so I was super excited to go! As part of the con they throw a Friday night karaoke party hosted by becostumed Rob Benedict and Matt Cohen (theme: Cult Classics) and featuring the stars who appeared that day. So obviously my friend and I went to the party…and it was a blast! In the pic below you can see Erica Carroll (Hannah), Gil McKinney (Henry Winchester), Osric Chau (Kevin), Rob Benedict (Chuck), Tyler Johnston (Samandriel), and Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester). Misha Collins (Castiel) also made an appearance to talk about his charity Random Acts of Kindness’s five year anniversary, so that was amazing to see him. Also not pictured: Travis Aaron Wade (Cole), whom we ran into at Houlihan’s after the party ended.  😛 The actual convention on Sunday was fun, and we got to see panels with Erica Carroll (with a surprise appearance by Misha), Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles (always a delight to see them) and Mark Sheppard (hilariously sassy). I don’t know if I’d pay $120 to do the whole thing again, but it was a cool experience for sure.


2. Supernatural Mystery Minis: oh yes, more of these!! We had expected to find some in the vendor area at #NJCON but either no one was selling them or they had sold out. On Monday I went to Barnes & Noble in Park Slope to buy birthday gifts for my niece and I managed to spot two SPN Mystery Minis, so I bought both…and I got Lilith and Sam! B&N sells them for just $5.95 so with my 10% member discount they’re even cheaper. WIN!


3. Speaking of my niece, her ninth birthday is coming up soon and I’m traveling to Texas to visit for a few days! So I bought her some fun books: the first Babysitters Club (Kristy’s Great Idea), the first Goosebumps (Welcome to Dead House), the first Nancy Drew Diaries (Curse of the Arctic Star), and the classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I LOVED reading as a kid and I hope to pass on that passion with these super fun books!


4. The Shannara Chronicles: The Elfstones of Shannara by Terry Brooks. I also picked up this book for myself, because I heard a lot of buzz about this new MTV series while at Comic-Con this summer and the show actually looks amazing. So obviously I want to read the book first.


5. Magic Garden: Fantastic Flowers to Color. I guess coloring books for adults are a new trend, and B&N had a big display of them near the front door. I ended up buying this one for myself so I can do a little bit of artistic work and feel like I’m actually good at it (I’ve always been horrible at drawing, painting, etc.). The designs are beautiful, too!


Bonus Item: I got a new iPhone 6S this week! I’d been eligible to upgrade my phone since June, and when I heard there was a new iPhone coming out I figured I’d just wait and get one of those. I got the gold one—I would have gotten rose gold but it wasn’t available until late October. This is the first time I’ve gotten a new iPhone model right when it was released, and so far so good. It’s a very sleek improvement over my two-plus-years-old iPhone 5, which I’m trading in for a credit with Verizon. Yay!