Photo from HauteLook

I’ve seen women running around NYC wearing super cute rompers (jumpers? jumpsuits? onesies? what are these things officially called?!) this summer and I decided I wanted to try one for myself. I’m not a very trendy dresser—when I do wear something trendy I end up feeling really self-conscious about it. I had hoped I’d get a romper in my last Stitch Fix, but no luck there (on many counts). So I began hunting for a romper of my very own from the comfort of my desk.

HauteLook happened to be promoting a “one-piece” collection one day, so I browsed through a ton of rompers and settled on two short ones. I like the idea of full-length rompers, but with the hot summer weather I’m just not into wearing pants.

I picked out two rompers that I thought might work for me: a printed Jealous Tomato romper ($19.97) and a solid coral Michael Stars romper ($39.97). For some reason the prices currently listed on the HL website are higher than what I paid. Anyway, they both arrived last Friday and I tried them on right away.

The Michael Stars piece was first, and it was several kinds of NOPE for me:

photo 1-39
Look at all my orchids!

I have a long torso, which just did not work here. The waistline didn’t hit me in the right spot; plus I felt like the crotch was shining a spotlight on that area, and it definitely had some serious cameltoe potential. Nope nope nope. Definitely getting returned!

The Jealous Tomato romper, on the other hand, was very cute:

photo 2-39
Trying on rompers is serious business.

When I first tried the romper on, I thought it was a definite keeper. I had a date night planned with my husband and I figured I’d just wear it out that night. But as I wore it around the apartment I started to feel like it fell on the “so trendy it’ll make me feel weird to wear it in public” end of my style spectrum. It’s also pretty short—especially when I sit down. I took it off and put it back in its plastic bag, having decided I would return it. But I tried the romper on for my husband the next day and he thought it looked cute on me. Then I double-checked the price, realized it had cost me less than $20, and made up my mind to keep it. So I wore the romper to a rooftop party that night and got compliments on it! I’m glad I decided to keep this one. While it’s a little louder and trendier than my usual style, it’s fun to wear something different now and then.

I had forgotten that with rompers, when you have to go to the bathroom you basically have to take the whole thing off. The JT romper has such thin straps that I was worried I’d rip them while trying to take my outfit off to go to the bathroom and then have to walk around in a busted romper the rest of the night. Fortunately I managed to get through the evening with a fully intact romper.  🙂

Do you wear rompers? If so, what’s your favorite romper brand?