Black Halo Domino Gown | Rent the Runway
Rental Dresses, Survivor, and more

1. Black Halo Domino Gown: we haven’t attended many weddings in the past few years, but we ended up with three weddings clustered two weeks apart this year. So of course I took the opportunity to rent dresses for the occasions! This gorgeous burgundy velvet number was actually a replacement for the original style I ordered. I had picked out a different dress in two sizes, but I turned out to be in between both sizes. Fortunately, I had time to get two replacement dresses shipped to me for $12.95, and this Black Halo gown worked perfectly. I absolutely loved the color, the style, and the fit!

Black Halo Domino Gown | Rent the Runway

2. Shilla Illume Crossover Midi Dress: dress number two, for wedding number two! This was for a friend’s belated Leap Day wedding celebration in LA (she got Zoom married in late 2020). I loved this dress too…the color was a more muted, slightly more eggplant shade than the first dress. The small cutout in front added a sexy touch, as did the slit on the right leg (which you can’t see here). This was perfect for a wedding that called for dance-worthy cocktail attire! Two weddings down, one to go.

Shilla Illume Crossover Midi Dress | Rent the Runway

3. Survivor 46: we’re back, baby!! I love being able to watch this reality competition show on tv as it airs. We’re going to a watch party for next week’s episode and may actually travel to one or two more watch parties this season. Obviously, this is my favorite tv show right now and I love to geek out about it. We’ve only seen two two-hour episodes so far this season, and it’s shaping up to be an entertaining mess.  🙂

Survivor 46 Cast
Image Credit: CBS

4. Create Meow Repeat Candle: while in LA, I went to a coffee shop near our hotel to get breakfast. The shop had a selection of gifts inside with a bunch of cute items. Of course I started sniffing all of the candles, and ended up buying this Vetiver + Lily candle. It smells sooo good!

5. Noble Jerky: our hotel in LA had lobby snack shop, and when I spotted this vegan jerky I had to try it. This stuff is delicious! They also had a chipotle flavor, which I didn’t buy. I’m sad I didn’t buy more to bring home. The texture is softer than other vegan jerkies I’ve tried, and the BBQ flavor is sweet with a touch of heat. It’s annoying that the only online availability is via Amazon, but if I see this in the wild again I’ll totally buy some.

Noble Jerky