1. I voted in my first presidential primary! Apparently this is the first New York presidential primary in quite some time that actually mattered. I was very excited about voting, and treated myself to my first iced coffee of the year afterward. It was a happy occasion, though my chosen candidate lost (which I pretty much expected).


2. Pesto Orecchiette¬†with Roasted Asparagus, Tomatoes, and Fresh Mozzarella: I cooked up a modified version of this recipe for dinner last weekend, and it was super easy and delicious. I used fresh grape tomatoes instead of sun dried because my husband isn’t a big fan of those (though I love them). I also used Montebello organic orecchiette from Thrive Market as well as a jarred pesto by Roland. This dish is¬†definitely going into the regular rotation!


3. Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Organic Shaving Soap: I also bought this product from Thrive Market, in the hope that it would not irritate my very sensitive legs. It seems to work pretty well in that regard, but I must say the packaging is more irritating than the product. The formula is runny‚ÄĒthough not quite as runny as the brand’s liquid castile soaps‚ÄĒto the point that it really¬†should be in a pump bottle, not a squeeze tube. Even when I lay¬†the product down¬†in the shower,¬†the stuff still runs out quickly¬†the second I open the cap, which results in wasting some of the product as it spills onto the tub floor. I have to say I wouldn’t buy this again unless they switch to a pump container.


4. Healthy Mexican Casserole with Roasted Corn and Peppers: I think calling this dish healthy is going a little too far, but it must be healthier than the frozen stuff¬†that inspired the blogger, Pinch of Yum, to create it. This recipe was another super easy one and it tasted GREAT. Another one to keep filed away for those days when I can’t figure out what the hell to make for dinner!


5. Grinding Coffee Beans By Hand: I could have sworn I ordered my bag of¬†Organic Coffee Company Java Love pre-ground, but it turns out I ordered whole beans. We do have a coffee grinder on hand, but when I went to use it it didn’t work. Then my eyes fell on the mortar and pestle sitting on the counter and figured I might as well try grinding the beans by hand. A little elbow grease first thing in the morning never hurt anyone…and I enjoyed¬†my coffee that much more because I had to work for it. ūüôā