HoI Candles & candle care kit
Magical Goodies Haul & more

1. House of Intuition: I recently placed my first order from this magical supply shop. Their brick and mortar locations are all in LA, so I obviously couldn’t shop there even if I was comfortable shopping in person right now (I’m not). I was really into candle magic back in high school and college (partly due to The Craft, which came out right before I graduated from high school and felt like it was made for me). Lately I’ve felt in the mood to dive back into these rituals. So I ordered a few candles, plus a wick cutter and snuffer set. Very excited to meditate and burn these candles with intention.

HoI magical candles & candle care kit

2. HoI Crystals: I also ordered some crystals along with the candles above, and a variety of chime candles (not pictured). On the left are ruby zoisite and obsidian, which I ordered individually, and on the right is a calming crystal set. The set includes a small selenite wand, blue obsidian, sodalite, lepidolite, howlite, and fluorite. These will be nice additions to my small but growing crystal collection.

HoI crystals

3. Flea Market Crystals: last weekend I hit up the local farmer’s and flea market for the first time in a long time. I actually went both Saturday and Sunday morning! On Sunday I discovered a crystal vendor at the outdoor flea market. I couldn’t resist this beautiful pink calcite tower…it’s so unusual! And the gorgeous raw labradorite spoke to me as well, so I needed it in my collection. To see these beauties in motion, check out my Instagram Reel.

flea market crystals

4. Clearly Canadian: the 90s are back! They’ve actually been back for years, but for some reason the media seems to think this is new. I’ve been feeling nostalgic (see above re: The Craft) and recently thought to see if this tasty beverage still existed. A quick Google search brought up the brand’s website, which directs consumers to buy cases of the product on Amazon. I also learned that the brand had gone under but was rebooted a few years back. We drank so much Clearly Canadian when I was in high school! I decided to order some and see if it’s as good as I remember. I went with a variety pack, which includes an unflavored version that may be new? I’ve never seen it before. My official opinion: Clearly Canadian is still delicious. Mountain Blackberry is my favorite. It’s not cheap: a case of 12 will run you $44.99. But this blue-bottled beverage is good for an occasional trip down nostalgia lane.

Clearly Canadian

5. Cockleshell Orchid Bloom: I love it when this orchid from my collection blooms!! It’s an Encyclia cochleata, but the nickname is “cockleshell orchid.” I think it looks like a little octopus. So cute!

Encyclia cochleata orchid bloom