1. New sunglasses for spring and summer! I picked out these two pairs at the Burlington Coat Factory in Union Square. The top pair is by Guess and cost $14.99, and the bottom pair is by Nine West and only set me back $9.99. Score!


2. Manson: The Life and Times of Charles Manson: holy shit, this book is fascinating. I’ve read Helter Skelter (twice, in fact) but it’s been probably at least 15 years since I last read it. If you’ve ever been interested in true crime in general or Charles Manson in particular, this well-researched book by Jeff Guinn is a must-read. Beware…the mere thought that someone as disturbed as Charles Manson exist on this planet might give you nightmares. This story never ceases to intrigue me. The sad fact remains that if someone had just given the guy a record deal, it’s very likely that none of those murders would have taken place. Here’s a plot suggestion for Vinyl season two: save the company by recording an album with Charlie Manson from prison.


3. The Walking Dead: I got really behind on these graphic novels and recently started catching up beginning with volume 17, in which we met Negan, the ultra big bad introduced in the season six finale of the show. (I haven’t seen any of that season yet. Time to catch up!) I only had up through volume 19 in the apartment, so I ordered volumes 20-23 from Barnes & Noble and they arrived this week. Hooray!


4. Honey Nut M&Ms: M&M is doing that thing that Lay’s does every year where they release a bunch of new flavors and let people vote on their favorite. I figured I’d give the Honey Nut flavor a try, and while they’re pretty good they still don’t hold a candle to my favorite candy, the peanut butter M&M. Props for making them bumblebee-and-honey-colored, though.


5. Subway Ad Proofreading Fail: sorry, Glossier, but this is the type of incorrect apostrophe usage that I expect from handwritten bodega signs, not on subway ads for a fairly high-end skin care brand. The “say’s” error is not the only mistake on this ad—there also needs to be a comma after “okay.”  I know I’m not the only one to have noticed this; others have been Tweeting photos of the ad at the brand and they’ve responded by saying they’re working to fix it ASAP. These errors are so glaring that I’m guessing someone accidentally sent the draft/uncorrected file to the printer rather than the final/correct one. Whoopsie!