First pandemic outdoor breakfast
Outdoor Breakfast, New Orchids, and more

1. First Meal Outside! I’m still being cautious even though I’m fully vaccinated. Why? Because there’s a bit of early research suggesting that some folks who are on the meds I take don’t get as much protection from the vaccine as typical healthy people. So I’m still avoiding unnecessary indoor activities and I’m not comfortable around unmasked people yet, even outdoors, because I don’t know if strangers are vaccinated. That said, yesterday morning I took a big step. John picked up breakfast from Yellow Cafe and we ate on a terrace overlooking the Anacostia River. My harissa, egg, and cheese croissant was SUPER tasty! And I ended up feeling quite comfortable being unmasked outdoors, because there was hardly anyone around where we chose to eat. Baby steps!

First pandemic outdoor breakfast

2. New Orchids: John made a Lowe’s run on Mother’s Day and sent me photos of some orchids in their garden section. I picked out the two pictured below. The white and fuchsia blooms on the left are especially unusual! I absolutely love them. It’s so hard not to add orchids to my collection when I see beauties like these.

New orchids

3. Star Wars Droids Stamps: I’ve discussed my interest in stamps before. Visiting the National Postal Museum sparked my interest, and when I see cool stamps I like to buy them for my little collection. We recently got a USPS catalog marketing their new Droids stamps, and I immediately went online to pre-order them. The stamp sheet arrived a few days after Star Wars Day, and they’ll make a great addition to my collection!

Droid USPS stamp sheet

4. Austin Cocktails: John picked up this four-pack of canned cocktails by a brand I had never heard of before. I’m not a big fan of grapefruit, but I do like this flavor because the mint cuts through the sourness of the citrus. They have several additional flavors and I’d like to try those as well. These seem like great summery drinks to have on hand for picnics, outdoor happy hour, etc.

Austin Cocktails

5. Terrace Furniture: last week I shared a photo of our new roof terrace rug. Well, our new furniture has arrived! We got the Pottery Barn metal Indio Collection chairs and sofa with orange Sunbrella cushions (plus a cover for each piece). There’s a shipping delay for the matching coffee table that we ordered but it should arrive in the next couple of weeks. Our terrace is coming together nicely!

Terrace furniture