Nature, Sasquatch + more

1. Azalea Season: last weekend we returned to the National Arboretum for another morning nature visit. We decided to hit up the Azalea Collection because it’s blooming season, and it was amazing. We only saw a small part of the collection before I felt like there were starting to be too many people for my comfort and decided to leave. I want to note that I removed my mask for the below photo only because there was no one else anywhere around us. I know the CDC says it’s ok for vaccinated people to go maskless outdoors as long as you’re not in a crowd, but I’m still generally masking up for now.


2. Sasquatch: I really enjoyed this three-episode documentary on Hulu. You think it’s going to be about one thing, but it turns into something else. Anything that mashes up cryptids and true crime is going to be right up my alley. And it’s not a huge time commitment. I definitely recommend the doc if you’re into this kind of material.

Sasquatch poster
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3. Chipkick Cookies: I discovered this local cookie brand on Instagram, and their cookie pics always look so good! They release new flavors on Saturdays at 10am EDT and ship them the following Tuesday (or you can pick up at their Virginia location). When I saw them post about their Dunk90 flavor I had to try it. So I ordered four of those, four Funfetti, and four OGio (chocolate chip with two types of chocolate chips). The Dunk90 has a Teddy Graham base (!!!), white chocolate, and rainbow sprinkles…and it’s stuffed with vanilla frosting and topped with Teddy Grahams. It’s one hell of a cookie! All three cookie flavors that I ordered are great. They’re huge and I froze most of them so we can thaw and enjoy them whenever. They look slightly undercooked in the middle because that’s how Chipkick makes them…sort of in a Levain style. YUM.

Chipkick cookies
Clockwise: box o’ cookies, Dunk90, OGio, Funfetti

4. Terrace Rug: we’re redecorating our roof terrace, because we weren’t happy with the furniture we originally got from Wayfair. We decided to spruce up the space with an outdoor rug. After much rug rabbit-holing, we picked out this rug at Our new furniture is arriving soon…stay tuned for updated photos!

Terrace rug

5. Wisteria: the wisteria in our front yard is in bloom, and it’s glorious! I just love any and all purple flowers so I had to share.