Halloween cat sweater
Still Feeling Spooky

1. Meow or Never Pullover Sweater: I forgot to write about this sweater when I got it! I ordered this adorable Halloween cat-print sweater from ModCloth and used a 30% off code. They sold out, but it’s back in stock and is currently 30% off. So get one if you want to ensure you have something cute for spooky season next year! It’s comfy but the sleeves are a little short on me. My arms are super long, though, so that’s not unusual.

Halloween cat sweater

2. John Derian for Threshold Macabre-Labra Dripping Candelabra: when I saw this Halloween decor collection launch at Target, I got excited. But I wasn’t that into most of the items once I began browsing online. I ended up just ordering this super cute candelabra, which is on sale for $17 as of this writing (I believe I spent $20 on it). The piece feels weighty and standard tapers fit easily in the holes (that’s what she said…of course).

John Derian Halloween candelabra

3. Burrata: last weekend, we treated ourselves to a date night at home by ordering in from The Red Hen. The restaurant recently launched an Italian Alps-inspired après ski menu, which immediately brought me back to our honeymoon in the Dolomites. So basically, we had to place an order. Everything was delicious, but the burrata appetizer was the standout. I know this photo in the takeout box doesn’t look very exciting, but I assure you it was amazing. The burrata sat atop roasted grapes, fried rosemary, and toasted hazelnuts. The bread had a really nice smoky aroma and managed to stay a bit crispy in transit. Yum.

Burrata - The Red Hen

4. Chobani Oat Coffee Creamer, Pumpkin Spice: yes, I’m still on the pumpkin spice train. It’s 2020 and it makes me happy, so why not. I loved the brand’s regular pumpkin spice creamer but it’s no longer available at Fresh Direct, so I tried the oat version instead. I don’t like it quite as much as the regular version, but it’s still a good treat in my morning coffee.

Chobani Oat Pumpkin Spice Creamer

5. Baby Yoda Ornament: a lot of people have moved straight from Halloween to holiday decorating. I’m not judging; it’s 2020 and we gotta do whatever makes us happy…especially because we’re staying home so much. I haven’t begun putting holiday decorations out yet but I did some online Target shopping in preparation. While browsing the website I thought to search for Baby Yoda ornaments and came up with this adorable $7 guy (or gal? or nonbinary being?). Anyway, it has arrived and it’s simply adorable.

The Child ornament