1. Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirrors: when I visited the Hirshhorn Musem to see the Orchids: A Moment exhibit I witnessed the insane lines for walk-up passes to the infinity mirrors exhibit, so I decided to start trying online for timed passes. Each Monday the museum releases free timed passes for the following week; I struck out on my first two Mondays, but the third time was the charm! I managed to snag three passes for last Friday, which coincided with a visit from my mom. So my husband, my mom, and I got to see this exhibit, and guys…it is so cool! There’s a lot of line waiting to get into the rooms—there are six of them and you only get 20-30 seconds inside each—but the museum has plenty of Kusama’s other work on display that you can wander around and view as well. The longest wait to enter a room was about 30 minutes, and the shortest was about five. It’s hard to say what my favorite part of the exhibit was, but I’ll go with the Love Forever peep show, pictured below. I highly recommend checking this exhibit out if you can (it runs through May 14)!

2. March for Science: my mom timed her visit to coincide with this march on Earth Day. I decided it was high time for me to go to my first march, so I met up with my mom on the Mall and we marched toward the Capitol Building along with thousands of scientists and science lovers. It was raining pretty steadily for the entire march, but the turnout was still strong. With all the smarty pants marchers out in attendance, there were a lot of great signs. I’m so glad I went and hope that the people currently in power actually start to listen to FACTS THAT COME FROM SCIENTISTS.

3. Dirty Habit: this week my husband and I went to happy hour with some of his coworkers at the bar inside the Kimpton Hotel Monaco. One of the people in our group had a connection there, so they just kept sending out food and drinks like there was no tomorrow. The cocktails are gorgeous, creative, and delicious, so I had to share them here! Pictured below, clockwise from top left: Rosa Caraveda, Praying Osmanthus (a giant cocktail for 4-6 people; we didn’t even begin to make a dent in it!), Spring Fix, and Salt to Sea. That last one, which you see me sipping on, had the coolest presentation I’ve ever seen! The drinking vessel was a glass globe with an insert for a glass straw…it looked like some sort of bong. You can’t really tell in the photo, but the drink was garnished with sea bean, an edible, briny-tasting stem with buds on it. So awesome.

4. Squash is Coming: our little urban garden is doing pretty well! This week I noticed that our crookneck squash plant has a couple of teeny tiny squash starting to grow off the stem. I am so excited at the prospect of eating veggies I’ve grown myself!

5. Creamy Springtime Farro Salad: last week I made this super easy and tasty dish using a recipe by Joyful Healthy Eats. It turned out really well and I would 100% make it again!