Harris & Biden
Happy Friday the 13th! WE DID IT!!!

1. WE HAVE A NEW PRESIDENT: well…we’ll have one early next year. AND we have the first Black, Indian-American, woman vice president (elect). This is VERY EXCITING. I will never forget the moment I wandered downstairs last Saturday morning and glanced at the TV. I had it tuned in to NBC in case anything major happened. And something MAJOR was finally unfolding: NBC’s lower third graphic had been updated to say “President-Elect Joe Biden.” I unmuted the TV and listened to the anchors announce they were projecting Biden and Harris as the election winners. I burst into tears of relief.

It was a long-ass week with the best outcome. I wish I had felt comfortable enough to go downtown and celebrate with the crowds (Trump is VERY much not welcome in this city), but alas, covid. All that said, we’re in for a rough few months; it’s been nearly a week and, as expected, Trump hasn’t conceded. That asshole is going to fight as hard as he possibly can to stay in office, so this story is far from over. And let’s not forget that more than 70 million American voted for to keep him in office.

Harris & Biden

2. The Child Palette: you know what else made Biden and Harris Won Day basically the best day ever? My Baby Yoda palette arrived from ColourPop! I went online right at the appointed launch time and was successful with my order. Amazingly, they didn’t sell out right away but the palette is currently sold out as of this writing. The website says they will be restocking, though. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll use this palette or keep it as a collector’s item. It’s freaking adorable! I do actually like the colors, though, and would totally use them.

Colourpop Baby Yoda palette

3. Pizza Treat: I decided to treat myself on Saturday night to celebrate the huge win. So I ordered from Pizza Boli’s for the first time because I learned from a neighbor that they give garlic butter with their pies, much like Racist Papa John’s that I no longer order from. I wouldn’t say this is the best pizza, but it’s still pretty good and I enjoyed the hell out of the garlic butter along with a side of the smug feeling that our current president is a giant eehllllloooooser. Loo-hoo-suh-her. FACT.


4. BCP Jewelry Opal & Pavé Starburst Necklace: BCP Jewelry recently held a 30% off sale, so I took advantage and ordered this adorable necklace. It’s currently out of stock, so I’m glad I managed to snag one!

Starburst necklace BCP Jewelry

5. Our Orange Buddies: this week’s election news is also important because it means orange can become great again.  😛 AND, it’s the anniversary of us meeting Cheddar and Linus at the shelter and officially adopting them a few days later! On November 10th, 2019, we visited a couple shelters and thought this cute orange bonded pair would be a good fit for us. They both needed surgery (Cheddar had to be neutered and have a couple teeth removed, and Linus had a couple teeth removed as well) so we had to wait a few days before bringing them home. Tomorrow, (Nov. 14) will be their one-year adoptaversary, so they’re going to get extra snuggles and treats! We love these boys so much!

Cheddar & Linus