Lady Pennywise
Halloween, Pumpkins, Election Day

1. Lady Pennywise: Pandemic Halloween has come and gone and we’ve moved on to bigger and more important things…like the outcome of this week’s presidential election (still waiting as of this writing). But I had to share my costume from Spirit Halloween. I wore a mask when outside on the sidewalk (distanced) with neighbors. We did have some trick or treaters, and I’m happy to report that we got rid of all the individual bags of candy that I hung on the fence for them to take as they walked by!

Lady Pennywise

2. Pennywise Makeup: I had fun doing this costume makeup! I mostly did a smoky eye using the ColourPop Smoke Show (now called Blowin’ Smoke) palette, but I added Lannister Red from the Urban Decay Game of Thrones palette and Night of Frolic from the ColourPop Gather Round Sisters Hocus Pocus palette. I used ColourPop Lux Lipstick in Liquid Courage to do the red streaks, and painted my lips with ColourPop Lux Velvet Lipstick in On Cloud Dynasty and Take a Bao. Everything in the middle of my face was smeared by the end of the night due to wearing a mask, but it’s fine because no one could see the mess! And let’s be honest, Pennywise is kind of a mess anyway.

Pennywise makeup

3. Cute Pumpkin Display: I found the most adorable yard display during one of my morning walks! Love it!

Pumpkin display

4. Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale: I’m still on that pumpkin train and won’t be getting off for awhile. This week I got more pumpkin beer (BTW, I really liked all four Elysian varieties that I mentioned before). I like this one too!

Shipyard Pumpkin beer

5. I VOTED: Election Day 2020 is now in the past. It feels like it took FOREVER for November 3 to arrive! We dropped our mail-in ballots off at a drop box in early October. And our ballots were accepted according to the tracker! On Election Day I wore all blue clothes, applied blue eyeshadow, painted my nails blue, and wore my I Voted sticker. As I mentioned above, the election outcome is still pending as of this writing, but it’s looking good for Biden. FINGERS AND TOES AND EVERYTHING ELSE CROSSED.

I Voted