First snow
First Snow, Cozy Candle, Mask, and more

1. First Snow of the Season: though I don’t love snow, the first of the season is always magical. On Tuesday afternoon we had one of those living snowglobe-type snow storms for a few hours, and it was so pretty! The snow stuck but left just a light dusting, most of which was gone by the next morning. Which I was fine with.

First snowstorm

2. Brooklyn Candle Studio Limited Edition Pink Disco Cypress Candle: I bought this pretty pink candle on Black Friday. This week’s snow was the perfect time to light this candle and get some cozy vibes going in our home. It smells so good…such a perfect winter scent. Unfortunately this particular candle is sold out, but I highly recommend Brooklyn Candle Studio! I have a referral link for their online store that will get you 20% off your purchase! If you buy something using my link, I’ll get a store credit.  🙂

Brooklyn Candle Studio Cypress candle

3. Butterlove by L.C. Honey & Rhassoul Cleansing Clay Mask: my mom gifted me this mask over the holidays. I tried it out this week; it’s a mix-it-yourself clay mask from a small producer in St. Louis (my hometown). The instructions say to mix it with apple cider vinegar, so I did, and it left me with a lot of redness after washing the mask off. Next time I’ll mix the clay with water instead. Redness aside, I did like how clean my skin looked afterward!

Butter Love clay mask

4. Killing Eve, Season Two: I don’t think I wrote about the first season of this BBCAmerica show. But I loved it! Season two, not so much. The acting was still amazing and I love the European setting and Villanelle’s quirky but stylish costumes. Villanelle’s teenage-style sullenness and attitude started to grate on me this season, and the ending didn’t feel all that believable to me. Was it a bad season? No, it just didn’t live up to the first. Will I watch season three? Sure. It’s still a better show than many out there.

Killing Eve
Season 2, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Nick Wall/BBCAmerica

5. Cheddar: I took this photo of Cheddar sitting on the stairs and just had to share it because I love it. He was pretty clingy with me the other day and kept following me around the house. Look at that little cutie face!!