Cherry blossom season 2022
Peak Bloom, FestivALE, and more

1. Cherry Blossom Peak Bloom: these trees⁠—gifted from Japan to DC in 1912⁠—hit peak bloom early this week⁠. Peak bloom came slightly earlier than expected! So on Wednesday morning, John and I got up early and drove downtown so we could see the trees around the Tidal Basin. This was the first time I had gone to the Tidal Basin since 2019, and it was so lovely to return. We went early enough in the morning that it wasn’t too crowded, but it was still fairly busy. The morning was chilly and a little overcast, but the trip was still totally worth it. You can see some more of my photos on my Instagram.

Cherry blossom season 2022

2. Farmhouse Cherry Ale: on a Trader Joe’s run earlier this week I spotted this four-pack of National Cherry Blossom “FestivALE,” so I bought it. Why not celebrate the blooms with a special beer? Crafted by Old Ox Brewery in Virginia, this ale has notes of cherry and hibiscus. I actually haven’t tried it yet, but I like flavored beers so I imagine I’ll enjoy this one. And how cute is the design on the cans?!

National Cherry Blossom Festivale

3. National Gallery of Art: last week John and I visited this gallery, which I haven’t been to since before the pandemic. We didn’t spend a ton of time inside, but it was lovely to wander the galleries and experience culture in person again. Afterward, I posed on the plaza outside…the weather was perfect: mid-70s and sunny. You can see from my outfit compared to the one above that the weather changes are pretty wild around here these days.

National Gallery of Art

4. Triangles Rainbow Prism Small Glass: the National Gallery of Art has a couple pretty great gift shops. I couldn’t resist these super cute glasses (not actual glass; I think they’re acrylic). They’ll be fun for outdoor cocktails this spring and summer!

Prism tumblers

5. DC Sunset: last week, we attended an event in a local building with a rooftop featuring amazing city views. We happened to catch the sunset from the roof, and it was pretty spectacular. The main drag down below is Pennsylvania Avenue, and off in the distance to the right you can see the dome of the Capitol Building, with the Library of Congress to its right. The Washington Monument is also visible way off in the distance, near the middle of the photo.

Sunset down Pennsylvania Avenue