1. Black Panther: THIS MOVIE. Everything about it is wonderful. Considering my position of white privilege I’m unqualified to really wade into the discussion, so instead I’ll tell an anecdote. When my husband and I were leaving the movie theater, a little black boy—maybe about four years old—posed in front of the lobby signage for Black Panther. He smiled and crossed his arms over his chest in the Wakanda Forever sign as his mom took photos of him. Then he said “I wanna be like him!” And that, right there, is why this movie needed to be made. This movie is long overdue, but at least it’s here now. Also: THAT CAST, THO. Holy. Shit.

2. Happy March! Here’s a pic of my simple Bullet Journal spread for this month. I looked at some flower-drawing tutorials online and attempted to freehand draw a couple tulips and a daffodil. They don’t look great…but they could definitely be worse. I’m just thrilled that spring is on its way!

3. Grain Bowls: last week I was all about making healthy grain bowls for dinner. I cooked farro and chopped up a bunch of veggies (roasted beets, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots). I also threw in some toasted almond slivers and feta cheese for protein, then doused the whole thing with Cava Spicy Turmeric Tahini Dressing, available at my local Whole Foods. The pic below doesn’t illustrate all of the beautiful colors in these bowls because all the good stuff is buried at the bottom! I never claimed to be a professional food photographer.  😛

4. Thrive Market Organic Uganda Coffee [paid links]: I still order some household basics and pantry items from Thrive Market from time to time, and the last time I ordered some stuff I noticed that they had started offering their own house brand of coffee! So I ordered this limited batch of ground coffee ($8.99 for 12 oz) and brewed up my first couple of cups with it this week. I’ve said before that I’m in no way a coffee aficionado, but this brew sure tastes good to me—just as good as the Allegro beans that I often buy from Whole Foods, which usually cost at least a couple bucks more.

5. Hello, Sunset! I walked to a bar to meet a friend for drinks on Monday night and happened to catch this incredible sunset over the US Capitol along the way. We get some amazing sunrises and sunsets here!