1. Maryland Renaissance Festival: last weekend my husband and I took a little day trip to the Ren Fest in Annapolis, Maryland! We arrived about a half hour after it opened and went straight to the costume rental shop. We had seen costume rentals at the Ren Faire we attended in upstate New York a couple years ago but didn’t bother partaking then. I chose this cute fair maiden outfit and John got outfitted as a knight, and we spent a few hours roaming the grounds and taking in the sights. It was more crowded than the NY one but it also seemed a little bigger. There’s a ton of stuff to do at this Renaissance Festival and I highly recommend it! The festival takes place on Saturdays and Sundays through the end of October.

2. Celestite: when we arrived at the Ren Faire I realized I might be able to find some crystal vendors on site. Indeed, there were several! I stopped in at the Earthly Elements shop, located across from the climbing wall, and picked up this beautiful chunk of celestite, along with a piece of quartz. This crystal is meant to be calming and soothing—very much needed the way things are going in the world these days!

3. Haunted Cookie House: I mentioned this in my Friday Five last week…John and I built it together on Sunday night! It certainly doesn’t look as good as the house on the package, but I think we did a pretty solid decorating job. I got really frustrated with the icings—the black and yellow both sprung leaks so things got a little messy and annoying. But the house is super cute and I’m very proud of our work!

4. Pumpkin Hummus: yep, this is also apparently a thing. I found this hummus at my local Giant supermarket and bought it even though it sounded a little weird. And you know what? It’s weird. The hummus contains cinnamon, nutmeg, and cumin, so they definitely tried to go more sweet than savory…which in my opinion was a mistake. Eh, you can’t win ’em all.

5. Pepper: while most of the plants on our deck garden have died, some of the pepper plants that I started growing from seed are hanging in there. And one of them even has the beginnings of a couple peppers! I will be amazed if any of these grow large enough for us to harvest and eat—squirrels almost always got to my tomatoes before I did. But I’m happy to see some progress on this little plant!