Pumpkin Candles, Pasta, Natural Wonders

1. Toasted Pumpkin Candles: when Brooklyn Candle Studio sent a newsletter anouncing their new candle scent, Toasted Pumpkin, I immediately ordered two. I absolutely love their soy wax candles and have ordered from their store multiple times. These candle smell amazing and I want my apartment to smell like this all autumn long!

2. Summer Veggie Pappardelle: I’ve been a lazy cook lately but this week I concocted my own pasta dish sans recipe. I sautéed minced garlic and chopped zucchini in olive oil, then added a couple small chopped heirloom tomatoes to the pan. While the veggies were cooking I boiled a package of Trader Joe’s pappardelle, which, by the way, tasted like fresh pasta even though it was dried! I added about a third of a cup of pasta water to the pan with the veggies and let it thicken a bit. I also stirred in some goat cheese that I had in the fridge, for some added tang and creaminess. Then I tossed the cooked pasta with the veggies in the pan and served topped with parmesan. The pasta-to-veggie ratio was a little high, and it could have been saucier, but it tasted great!

3. This Cotton Candy Sunset: behold this gorgeousness from last Saturday night! We get such spectacular sunsets here on the East Coast.

4. This Rose: I stopped in my tracks while walking down the street so I could take a pic of this perfect rose.

5. Babe Rosé: I love a sparkling rosé (call me basic, that’s fine), so when I spotted this 4-pack at my local grocery store I bought it. When I took the cans out of the box and read the back of the can, I was turned off. The can reads: “Hey you guys. You look great. Love your face. Have you lost weight? Let’s be honest, someone had to create a bubbly rosé that was delicious, and most of all, so us. You’re welcome. Love you, miss you, hate you, love you, mean it.” I’m clearly not the target demo (millenials!) for this wine. A friend informed me that this stuff is from The Fat Jew‘s wine company, so that makes more sense. But really, is this how men think women’s brains work? UGH. Also ugh? The wine. It doesn’t even taste good. I won’t repurchase.