Weird—I thought I had scheduled this post to go up last Friday, but I just now noticed it wasn’t published! (It’s been a crazy week.) Sorry for the delay…here is my Friday Five for August 25.  🙂

I haven’t been out and about much lately because my feet have been really bothering me. I’ve been staying off them as much as possible…which is difficult, but it accounts for my lack of cool DC activities this week. I had some adjustments made to my orthotics yesterday and will rest my feet more, so hopefully I’ll be back in walking shape soon!

1. THIS SUNSET: last week we had a crazy evening thunderstorm, and then the sunset was out of this world.

2. Walter Turns 18: our cat, whom John adopted at eight weeks of age, had a birthday on Monday, August 21! So of course I made this silly image using Instagram Stories. He celebrated with treats, pets, a good old’ Furmination, and so much love. Happy birthday, little buddy!

3. Solar Eclipse: John’s mom mailed us these eclipse glasses, which we were very grateful to have during Monday’s solar eclipse! In DC we only had about 81% coverage, but it still looked super cool through the glasses. Someday I’ll have to make it a point to go to a location where I can experience totality!

4. Rex-Goliath Cabernet Sauvignon: I picked up this mini wine at my local grocery store for about $6. The container holds about three glasses of wine, and it ended up tasting pretty good for a “boxed” wine. It’d be good for picnics or those occasions when you don’t want to crack open an actual bottle.

5. tarte NeutralEYES™ Eye Shadow Palette Volume III: I recently ordered this eyeshadow palette from Sephora, but it arrived with one damaged color so I returned it. I’m now regretting having sent it back because the palette is no longer available (not even on…and while the palette wasn’t perfect it was still totally usable. The below pic is not very representative, but the colors were so pretty! Le sigh…