February 2022 beauty empties
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Empties, An Anniversary, & How to Help Ukraine

Another month has come to a close, and John and I just hit a personal milestone: the fifth anniversary of our move to DC. It doesn’t feel like we’ve lived here for five years, but that’s because we’ve spent a full two years of that time mostly staying home due to the pandemic. Though the past two years haven’t been the best, I still feel pleased with our decision to leave NYC. And it kinda blows my mind that I’ve already lived in DC for nearly a third of the time that I lived in NY!

Before I discuss the beauty products that I emptied in February, I want to take a moment to acknowledge Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. I can’t claim a deep knowledge or understanding of what’s taking place, but I do believe that what’s happening is an atrocity and a threat to democracy. If you’re interested in supporting Ukraine from afar, NPR has an article listing out some legit aid organizations that need monetary assistance.

Protestors against Ukraine invasion
Image Credit: Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images via NPR.org

There’s no good way to segue from this topic to beauty empties. So let’s just get to it.

February 2022 beauty empties

Here are a few more products (mostly minis) that I emptied last month:

More Feb 2022 empties

 Would I Repurchase?
  • Nécessaire The Body Wash [gifted; affiliate link]: I’ve gone through many bottles of this body wash and I really like it. Would still repurchase.
  • Paula’s Choice Perfectly Balanced Foaming Cleanser [affiliate link]: a really nice, gentle cleanser that I’ve already repurchased. Note: this brand has gifted me products, but I purchased this one on my own.
  • Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream [affiliate link]: I love using this as my morning cream in the winter. I’ll likely repurchase again next winter.
  • OsmosisMD Infuse Nutrient Activating Mist [affiliate link]: I think I prefer the brand’s Boost mist over this one. It’s hard to articulate why, but I think I’d rather repurchase Boost. The Infuse mist was perfectly fine, but I think maybe Boost just felt more refreshing.
  • CeraVe Hydrating Micellar Water: this product stung my eyes, so instead of using it to remove eye makeup I used it to clean makeup swatches off of my arm. I would not buy this again.
  • Vegamour Gro+ Advanced Hair Serum [affiliate link]: I didn’t see any real difference between this and the brand’s regular hair serum in the pink bottle, so I went ahead and repurchased the pink one.
  • Heretic Dirty Jasmine Eau de Parfum [affiliate link]: I love this scent! My only quibble is that it doesn’t last long on me. Still, I might repurchase.
  • Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother mini [affiliate link]: I can’t say this product did much for my hair. I wouldn’t repurchase.
  • La Roche-Posay Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Cleanser mini + B5 Hyaluronic Acid Serum mini [affiliate links]: I got these samples free with an Ulta purchase. Both were quite nice; I didn’t love the scent of the serum, but it wasn’t a dealbreaker. I’d consider purchasing these full sized.
  • NailTek #2 Strengthener [affiliate link]: I’ve already repurchased this nail polish base. I don’t know if it truly strengthens my nails, but it works well as a base coat.

I love the unintentionally soothing color scheme of these empties:

Feb 2022 mask empties

I hope you’re hanging in there; consuming news can be a lot these days. If it feels like too much, try stepping away from social media and news for awhile. Personally, I find that doing so can be helpful. Also helpful is asking yourself whether you need to know all the breaking news it happens…for many of us, we’re not in a position in which immediate, constant updates are necessary. <3