So Much Summer Skin Care

At long last, my Summer 2020 FabFitFun [referral link] box has arrived! It feels like I’m one of the last people to receive my box each season. I always end up scrolling quickly past FFF posts on Instagram so I don’t get spoiled. I love the surprise of opening my box, so I don’t want to know what might be in it in it beforehand!

Before I get into what FFF sent me this summer: this is not a sponsored post. However, this post does contain referral links. If you use the links to sign up [referral link] for your own FabFitFun subscription, you’ll get $10 off your first box and I’ll receive a $15 credit to spend with FabFitFun. Read more about how the subscription works down below.

This season’s box includes eight full sized items—mostly skin care—with a total value of $451. Per usual, I spent $49.99 including shipping. Many of the items in the box have an individual higher value than the box price itself! I remember choosing two of the items, possibly three. Box customization happened so long ago at this point that it’s hard to remember.

The Toner

The first item I saw when I opened the box was the Terre Mère Aloe and Tea Tree Toner ($54 value). I’ve heard of this brand via FFF’s sales, but have never tried any of their products before. This toner is meant to cleanse, heal, hydrate, and firm. I’m accustomed to spending around $10 for Thayer’s toner, so $54 seems like a whole lot. But we’ll see if I like this one! The brand is vegan and cruelty-free, which I always appreciate. Fun fact: Terre Mère means Mother Earth in French.

Terre Mère Aloe and Tea Tree Toner

The Pricey Face Oil

I selected this next product during box customization: HydroPeptide Moisture Reset Face Oil ($120 value). I rarely spend this much money on one skin care product, so right off the bat I don’t know if it’s something I’d purchase on my own. This oil contains a dozen antioxidant rich oils (including avocado, pumpkin seed, and lavender) intended to hydrate and protect the skin from environmental stressors. The oil can be used on its own or mixed in with other moisturizers for a hydration boost. I’ve used it a couple times and so far so good. I can’t imagine it’ll work miracles but if it does, I’ll be sold!

HydroPeptide Moisture Reset Face Oil

The Cream

I also picked this next product during customization: Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream ($65 value). People rave about the brand’s ExfoliKate, which I have a sample packet of but have yet to try. I definitely need a new night cream, so this product came at the right time. The cream is meant to hydrate, soothe, and protect, and is safe for sensitive skin. I’ll be cracking this cream open and trying it soon.

Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream

The Eye Cream

Next up is the dr. brandt Do Not Age Triple Peptide Eye Cream ($82 value). This is the second Dr. Brandt eye cream that FFF has sent me—the first was Needles No More® No More Baggage Eye De-Puffing Gel in my Spring 2019 box, which I liked and still use occasionally. This eye cream contains peptides to help reduce signs of aging such as fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles. I’ve begun to use this cream at night instead of my Farmacy Dew It All Eye Cream (which I’m still using in the morning), and will see how it goes.

Dr. Brandt Do Now Age Triple Peptide Eye Cream

The Mist

I should have known to expect a mist in my summer box; this time, FFF included The Lyfestyle Co Beach Mist ($42 value). From the product name I wasn’t sure if it was meant for hair or for skin…it kind of sounds like a beachy hair spray. But this is indeed a skin mist that contains aloe, mint, and lavender to help cool and soothe skin after being in the sun. The mist smells lovely and I’ll keep it in the fridge for a spritz here and there after being outdoors (even brief moments in our yard can feel swampy as all hell).

The Lyfestyle Co Beach Mist

The Fragrance Oil

The product I was least excited about is the Riddle Oil Original Roll-On ($50 value). This is a fragrance oil, and you know how I feel about fragrance. I like what I like and that’s about it. This one is interesting, however, because the brand claims that the perfume mixes with your personal chemistry to create a unique, signature scent. I can’t find any details on fragrance notes, but I think I get a little coconut or vanilla and something woodsy like sandalwood. The scent is mild, which I appreciate. It’s not really a scent I gravitate to, but I don’t hate it. So I’ll use it on occasion, but it’s not a scent I’d pick out for myself.

Riddle Oil Original Roll-On

The Makeup Tool

I had never heard of the MakeupDrop Hybrid Makeup Applicator ($20) before it showed up in my box. This tool looks interesting, like a BeautyBlender with a flat side. The silicone applicator is latex-free, and the flat surface is meant for sculpting and contouring. I don’t really do any sculpting or contouring, so I don’t know how much I’ll use that section of the tool. But I’m curious to see how this applicator compares to the BeautyBlender. Though I don’t wear face makeup much these days so I don’t see myself using this anytime soon.

Makeupfrom Hybrid Makeup Applicator

The Catchall

The final item in my summer box is the Summer & Rose Celine Trinket Dish ($18 value). This item isn’t even listed as a possible product in the FabFitFun magazine. Sometimes I think that because I’m so late to get my box, they run out of the items they’ve planned to send and throw something else in. But I don’t mind because this dish is super cute! I’ll use it on my vanity to hold skin care minis and such.

Summer & Rose Celine Trinket Dish

Final Thoughts

Honestly, when I first opened my summer box, I wasn’t all that excited. But a couple days later I’m feeling satisfied with what FFF sent me. It remains to be seen how I end up liking the skin care products, as this post is more about first impressions. But the products seem promising and I’m happy with the variety of goodies I received!

What did you think of your summer FabFitFun box?

More About FabFitFun

FabFitFun [referral link] is a seasonal lifestyle subscription box. Each quarterly shipment contains a mix of beauty, fitness, fashion, home, and wellness products. The boxes contain approximately eight FULL SIZED products valued at $200+, with the option to add discounted items to your shipment. Members have the option of customizing at least two or three of the items in each box.

Each seasonal box costs $49.99 including shipping in the continental US. Shipping costs $8 for subscribers in Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. If you use my referral link, you’ll get $10 off your first box (**Disclosure alert! I’ll get a $15 credit to FabFitFun if you sign up using my link**). If you’re ready to go all in, you can shave $5 off the price of each box by pre-paying a full year’s subscription for $179.99. Annual members receive Select status, which offers early shipping and extra box customization, among other perks. If you stick with the regular seasonal membership, FFF will bill you $49.99 quarterly when your box is about to ship.

NOTEFabFitFun [referral link] seasonal subscriptions auto-renew, so if you decide you’re done, you must cancel before your next billing date or you’ll get charged for the upcoming box.

There’s a lot of information about how FabFitFun works on their Membership FAQ page. In between seasonal boxes, they offer Editor’s Boxes and special one-off boxes. The website also has a ton of giveaways and exclusive offers for members, plus FabFitFun TV with videos on fitness, cooking, and more. If you’re ready to sign up, click here [referral link].