Lots of Empties to Close Out 2018

Happy New Year! I for one am thrilled that 2018 is over. We lost my mother-in-law and our beloved cat Walter, and the world in general was a shitshow. Here’s hoping 2019 is better.

I emptied quite a few products at the end of 2018!

And I used a few sheet masks as well.

Would I Repurchase?
  • Whole Foods 365 Everyday Fragrance Free Shower Gel: I’ve repurchased this before and have already opened a fresh bottle I had waiting in the closet.
  • Andalou Naturals Lavender & Biotin Conditioner: this stuff is just ok. I don’t feel like it’s particularly volumizing but I’m generally down on hair care products these days. I may repurchase if I don’t find something else that I like better.
  • Thayer’s Original Witch Hazel Toner: another product I’ve repurchased before. I also had a fresh bottle of this stashed in the closet.
  • Osmosis Skincare Enlighten Pigment Fading Serum: I emptied this one on the morning of December 31, so it just barely made it as a December empty. This is one of the two products I was using in my skin care experiment and I’m going to do an update post on that soon. I would consider repurchasing this in the future.
  • Coola Sport Classic Sunscreen SPF 50, White Tea: I received this in my summer FabFitFun box and it was just okay. I like the thin consistency and the scent is nice. However, it didn’t mix well with a lot of my other skin care products and primers. I mostly just used this as SPF for my neck so that it didn’t go to waste. I wouldn’t buy this one.
  • Lush Cosmetics Sympathy for the Skin: I received this body lotion sample with some holiday gifts from my mom. I was a little worried it would irritate my skin, but it didn’t! It smells amazing, like vanilla and banana. I don’t generally buy scented body lotion but I’d consider purchasing this one.
  • Boscia Charcoal Pore Pudding Mask: I love this mask! Not only is the black-and-white swirl fun, I think it actually does minimize the look of pores. I would 100% repurchase this.
  • Weleda Skin Food: I received this mini in the Whole Foods Limited Edition Beauty Bag. It has a really interesting scent…it smells like gin. The texture is very thick and almost sticky. I basically only used this on my hands because it seems way too thick for the face. This product is a cult classic, but I didn’t love it. I don’t think I’d purchase it.
  • elf Brush Shampoo: I don’t even remember where or when I bought this. I’ve had it for years because I wasn’t great about washing my brushes regularly for a long time. Now that I’ve gotten in the habit of washing them more often, I finally emptied the bottle. I’d totally repurchase this; it got the job done and is very affordable at $4.
  • Osmosis Skincare Rescue Epidermal Repair Serum: this is the second product I used for my skin care experiment. I emptied it right at the beginning of December, so I wasn’t able to use both the whole time. I’d consider repurchasing this but it is quite pricey so it would need to be another splurge item.
The Sheet Masks
  • MJCare Aqua Bamboo Black Mask: this was an August Facetory mask. It was a little hard to handle but fit well once I got it on my face. I liked it overall, and would consider buying it.
  • Moksha Dear Tea Tree Mask: a September Facetory mask. This mask was super drippy and didn’t have the best fit. But it left zero tackiness afterward, so I appreciated that. I used this one in the hope that it would clear up some blemishes on my cheeks, but it didn’t help. I wouldn’t purchase this mask.
  • Blaq Hydrogel Eye Masks: I got a box of 5 pairs of these in my winter FabFitFun box. I put a pack of them in the fridge so they had an extra cooling effect. These felt really nice but I can’t say if they helped depuff as advertised because I don’t think I was particularly puffy when I used them. I’ll need to use more before I decide whether to buy.
  • Ariul 7 Days Green Tea Mask: another August Facetory mask. This one didn’t fit too well but I liked that it was wet yet not drippy. Overall it was pretty good but my skin got very slightly itchy after use. The sensation went away quickly, but I’d hesitate to use this one again.
  • LookAtMe Vitamin Essence Face Mask: I blew through the rest of my August Facetory masks last month! This sheet mask fit well and had a pleasant lemon scent. It left my skin feeling a little tacky, but not too bad. It would be a good summer mask and I would buy this in the future.

And that’s it! Did you empty many items in December? I hope you have a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2019!