Geekery, Beauty, and More

1. Solo: A Star Wars Story: John and I went to see this new Star Wars movie last Friday. While it was a fun movie, I wasn’t as excited about it as the other recent SW films. Parts were formulaic, though that’s pretty standard for SW movies. There were a few too many twists and turns near the end for my taste. It’s still worth seeing in the theater if you’re into these nerdy blockbuster movies, though!

2. Facetory*: I heard about this k-beauty sheet mask subscription on an episode of Natch Beaut and immediately googled it. And I signed up for it after checking out some reviews! They have two monthly plans: four sheet masks for $5.95 + $2.95 shipping, or seven sheet masks for $15.94 + $3.95 shipping. The monthly price goes down if you pre-pay for a six or twelve-month subscription. I signed up for the four-mask plan using a “10% off your first shipment code” from My Subscription Addition. The package arrived quickly and came with a cute card with details about each mask. So far I’ve tried and liked the rose mask; I think this is going to be a really enjoyable subscription!

3. Bobbi Brown Lip Kit [paid links]: I recently ordered something from Sephora and got this lip kit as a 500-point Beauty Insider gift. It includes four pink-hued minis: Luxe Lip Color in Neutral Rose, Crushed Lip Color in Babe, Lip Color in Sandwash Pink, and Art Stick Liquid Lip in English Rose. I mistakenly thought the Art Stick needed to be twisted at the bottom to dispense the color (you’re supposed to squeeze it) and ended up ruining the tube. Twisting the end kind of snapped the bottom off so when I squeezed the tube, lip color came out the end. Yikes! So I had to throw it out, but at least it didn’t cost me anything. The colors are all very pretty! I’ll try to do a post with swatches soon.

4. HQ Trivia: I heard about this live trivia app via Instagram. I love trivia, so I had to try it out! This game is HARD. They usually do two sessions per day: one at 3pm EDT and one at 9pm EDT. A typical game is 12 questions and you have 10 seconds to answer, so there’s really no time to google anything. They give cash prizes, usually $5,000 per session, which is distributed amongst everyone who answered all 12 questions correctly. I have yet to get more than eight right so far! I’ve only been doing it for a couple weeks. You can get extra lives (which allow you to stay in the game if you answer incorrectly) by referring friends, so if you’re interested, sign up and say that I referred you! My handle is zoecat78. 🙂

5. HelloFresh Meal Kit: I’ve been a HelloFresh subscriber for quite some time now. The meal kit delivery service recently launched kits in some grocery stores, and my local Giant carries them. I was pressed for time the other day so I picked up the vegetarian meal kit: chickpea couscous with Brussels sprouts and feta cheese. The kit contained everything I needed to make this meal for two, and it only cost $14.99. That’s less than I would have spent picking up bowls for us from someplace like Cava. The recipe was super easy and it tasted great! I would definitely get this kit again.

*UPDATED Note: Since I published this post earlier today I have become a Facetory affiliate, so this post now contains an affiliate link.