ColourPop x Star Wars
May The Fourth Be With You

The ColourPop licensing strikes back! It feels like this fast beauty juggernaut launches new products almost on the daily, which can be nearly impossible to keep up with. But from time to time, ColourPop releases something that catches my eye, whether it’s something I want for my collection or a product I actually want to use. Their May the Fourth release of a few Star Wars products initially hit my radar for collection purposes. I mean…look at this freaking eyeshadow palette:

ColourPop x Star Wars

The full collection includes the palette, two Graphix Art Liners, three Crème Lux Lipsticks, two Jelly Much shadows, and two Lux Glosses.

In addition to the $24 15-pan palette, I ordered the light saber-themed Graphix Art Liner in the shade Kyber Crystal ($10). Most of the other product shades didn’t really appeal to me, so I stuck to these two items:

Colourpop x Star Wars

Star Wars Palette

Am I the biggest Star Wars fan in the galaxy? FAR from it. I’m certainly not enough of a fan to make any deep cut SW references in this blog post. However, I’ve seen and enjoyed all the movies (minus Episodes Two and Three, which I always hear aren’t good anyway). And I’ve enjoyed the Disney+ TV series, though The Book of Boba Fett was mostly a disappointment.

I already have The Child and The Mandalorian eyeshadow palettes because they’re super cute and the colors are totally wearable. This new, larger Star Wars palette also has many colors that I thought I would actually wear, so I decided to go ahead and buy it. It’s a mix of neutrals and brighter blues and reds with mattes, shimmers, and glitters (including three shades not meant for use in the immediate eye area…sigh).

Star Wars eyeshadow palette

Let’s zoom in a little on these shades. They really are super pretty!!

Star Wars eyeshadow palette

I will say, though, Outer Rim (top right corner) does not look like the images on the website, which show a pan with a lot more black. Mine leans very red. Since this is a swirly-galaxy shade, it’s likely hard to ensure consistency from palette to palette. And that pan also isn’t sitting quite right in the palette, so maybe it got a little damaged in transit. The other galaxy shade, Space Pirate (bottom left) did arrive looking as expected.

Take an even closer peek at Space Pirate….loooooove:

Space Pirate Star Wars eyeshadow

And here’s a better look at Outer Rim:

Outer Rim Star Wars eyeshadow

The Eyeliner

This sparkly midnight blue Galaxy Art Liner is so pretty; CP describes the shade as “a rich blue with a violet and teal Duo Chrome finish.” I’ve tried CP’s standard BFF Liquid Liner and didn’t like it. If I remember correctly, I had trouble with the brush dragging on my lids. This liner’s brush and formula appear to be different, so hopefully I’ll like it more.

Star Wars eyeliner

Swatch Party

Let’s see how these shades swatch on my arm! The first batch of swatches is the top row from left to right. Top to bottom: Rebel Princess, Starfighter, Hyperdrive, Loyalty, Outer Rim.

Star Wars eyeshadow Swatches

Next is the middle row of shades from left to right. Top to bottom: Jedi Knight, Kessel Run, New Hope, Galactic Empire, Alliance.

Star Wars eyeshadow swatches

And now the bottom row from left to right, plus the art liner. Top to bottom: Space Pirate, Rebellion, First Mate, Republic, Star Destroyer, Kyber Crystal liner.

Star Wars eyeshadow & eyeliner swatches

First Impressions

The shimmers and metallics swatch so beautifully! They’re buttery smooth and super pigmented. Rebel Princess and Hyperdrive will be excellent on their own or as toppers. Space Pirate is way more stunning in person; the swatch looks a little muddy gray, but it’s a gorgeous shimmery lavender IRL. So gorgeous that I exclaimed “oh my god” when I swatched it.

The matte swatches are a little streaky, which is something I’ve noticed with some other ColourPop palettes. Once I start working with them on my eyes they’ll likely blend well—in my experience, that’s usually the case with CP eyeshadows. I’m looking forward to playing around with these colors, as well as the sparkly midnight eyeliner.

As I was swatching the shades it occurred to me that my Fourth of July eye look is waiting inside this palette. Plenty of reds, whites, and blues to work with!

Did you buy anything from the latest Star Wars makeup release?